Rhiannon's birthday party
Rhiannon's Birthday party
Charlie and Tom enjoy civil conversation over a nice beer
When I die and St. Peter hopefully accepts the bribe - this is the site I want greeting me
I never thought that scousers knew how to fit togas!
Someone has just offered Vijay a free 6 month trial of "Moustache and go" He looks so excited! Oh yesh!
That's just lovely that is LJ, you cheeky boosh-monger! Also look - Matt has just told Susan that his apartment is sound-proofed and he has a 3 minute recovery time!
We all remember this dipshit!
The question still remains guys: where they real or not?
Here we have the species, Charliusprimuslecherus - note the relaxed scouring for prey. A true predator!
Has to be said: look at Rhiannon bashing the bishop!!!!!
There was only one place to hang the soiled knickers!
Nothing like a good flash to start the night off. Boy did we get some funny looks!
I may be blurred, but I had to include this pic! Tate, that moustache is simply fandabidossaaaaa!
Oooer missus!
Vijay, I bet you wished you could have wore those for the naked man festival!
What a night! Togaed mayhem, bread stealing, balloon sumo, monsterous moustaches, elusive Russian crackers, orange Y-fronts, chimp emulation on the subway, SARS infected kitchen floors, red-wigged impropriety, padre-pounding ... never shall we forget it! All I can say is - hurry up Rhi and have another birthday!!!! Fandabidosssssa!!!
Saturday, April 5th, 2003
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I am gonna get you! You are mine! Muhahahahaha! (Pic courtesy of Chris Spencer)
Yeouuss girls - this Yakuza you keep talking about, they seem ravver rufian! Hardly queensbury, what what!!!! Chris chilling in the VIP room with a couple of lovelies! (Pic courtesy of Chris Spencer)
Yep, can I have some Thai massage? Look! I've got a discount ticket! (Pic courtesy of Chris Spencer)
Look! If you wanna get twated on the head with me mallet - you'd better join the end of the queue! Wakatta bakaboy?! (Pic courtesy of Chris Spencer)