Hi there! My name is Ed Holtsberry I graduated from VWHS in 1989 and currently reside in Sierra Vista, Arizona.
About 2 years ago I was driving around in Tucson, Arizona and I heard on the radio station about this diet pill called MAX 10 that guaranteed within 30 days you would see results with weight loss. I have always been skeptical of diet pills cause they never seem to work and you end up wasting your money. So before I left Tucson that day I pulled up to the MAX 10 store and bought a bottle  and made sure they gave me a receipt in case the pills didn't do what they said they would. Sure enough that following day I started taking the MAX 10 pills and believe it or not that first week I lost 2 pounds and from that week on I lost 2 more pounds per week on average. In 18 weeks I lost 35 pounds and 6 inches off of my waist. Going from 185 pounds and a 38 inch waist to 150 and 32 waist. Below I will list some peoples name that knew me before I lost all this weight so you don't think this is some joke. You may even know them if you live in Van Wert still so feel free to email them and ask them what kind of results I had with the MAX 10 DIET PILL!
Click on the person's name you wish to contact about my results. If you know me and know what the MAX 10 pills have done for me and wouldn't mind letting people email you about it then please mail me and I will add your email also.
Mike Chiles
Mike Holtsberry
Trent DeCamp
Eric Brooks
Jason Tribolet Todd Anderson
Chad Tuckerman
Since these pills did so well for me I have started a side business and I'm now selling the MAX 10 pills through the store I manage as my full time job. I will offer you the same 30 day money back guarantee so you will not feel like you will lose out if they do not work for you personally. For a limited time I will offer FREE SHIPPING! The cost of the MAX 10 pills is $45 and that consist of 120 pills in a bottle. They will last anywhere from 6-12 weeks depending on how many you take a week. Below is my email address so if you care to place and order with me you can call me TOLL FREE at 1-877-265-0912. I take all major credit cards. Feel free to email me with any questions before placing an order also. With your order I will include instructions for taking these pills.