The Quirky Muse
The Quirky Muse
Hello and welcome to my little corner of the virtual world. I enjoy writing strange existential stories that play with the darker aspects of life. I hope you'll check out my quirky fiction. 

The Insomniac Tales --

A feminist version of the Canterbury Tales, written by DLSIJ Press authors. 

Eternal Cafe --

The Eternal Cafe is Purgatory's most popular watering hole, frequented by some of history's most famous writers, philosophers and ne'er-do-wells. Join two lifelong friends as they try to adjust to life after death.

WomanScapes --

An anthology of 14 curious tales written as a fundraiser for humanitarian aid.

Sisters Odd --

A collection of dark fairy tales, each with a female protagonist. Forget about the Brothers Grimm --it's time to journey with the Sisters Odd!

All my books are available at the Driftless Market at 95 West Main St. in Platteville, WI or online at DLSIJ Press.
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Name: EJ McFall