The Refrigerator Lightbulb Conspiracy
The truth shall light the way.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the bulb is on all they time, why is there a switch on the refrigerator door?   They don't want you to think the light stays on all the time.  These people are clever.

2. When I press the door button with my finger the light goes off - doesn't this prove the switch works?    I told you these people are clever.  When the door is open the switch works, but when the door is closed completely, the switch is overridden and the bulb stays on.

3. I put a camera in my refrigerator and used the timer to take pictures after the door was closed.  The pictures came out black.  Doesn't this prove the blub goes off when the door is closed?    No!  This just proves that the camera manufacturers are in on the scam as well.  They need electricity to run the factories where the cameras are made - the power companies have forced them to play their game.

The lightbulb in your refrigerator really stays on all the time.  There is a conspiracy involving all refrigerator manufacturers and all electric utilities to keep the truth from us.
Hurts You in Two Ways
This constantly on bulb generates additional profits for the evil utilities in two ways. The bulb uses electricity of course, but the heat created by the bulb's constant burning requires your refrigerator to run more to maintain the proper temperature.  In addition the lite bulb manufacturers sell more bulbs (this of course is why they make a special, more expensive bulb just for refrigerators).

The Real Costs
An independent accounting firm has calculated that the wasted electricity costs U.S consumers over $14,238,300 each year.  That's money that you could be using to buy lottery tickets!

Fight Back
Remove the bulb from your refrigerator today!  Keep a flashlight handy for the occasional search in that remote corner.

Brian N. from Quitsna, Ohio writes to tell us about his uncle that worked in a refrigerator manufacturing plant.  When he was reassigned to the lightbulb switch department he stumbled upon the truth.  The next day Brian's uncle was killed in a mysterious auto accident which to this day remains unexplained.

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