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My goal is to provide information to those who already know the basics, but want to start learning more advanced topics relating to creating MPEGs.  Many have to do with scripting, command-line interfaces, and batch files.

I amlost always produce CVDs, since the video (352x480) is a valid DVD video resolution, when I convert them to DVD+/-Rs I dont have to rencode the picture, just the audio.  I also use 192Kbps Audio, I find it gives me more room for the video, and I cant tell a difference in the audio at this bitrate.  I have 2 TMPGEnc Templates, a CBR template and a VBR template.  The reason I use the Project Wizard is because in Step 4, when you set the bitrate, it will show you the file size, which should be around 800MB for a 700MB/80Minute CD-R. 

I whipped up some SVCD Templates. SVCD CBR SVCD VBR
and all 4 Templates


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