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Ej's Treasures College Grove, TN  37046
This unique shop is located in an old grain shed on the family farm. We're located within 30 miles of 7 county seats.
Ej's Treasures College Grove, TN  37046
    Rest assured you will be greeted at the front door with a friendly smile and good ol' southern hospitality!

You can even take a moment to swing on the ol' porch swing or play a game of checkers on the front porch!    Click on our pictures to enlarge. ~

~ The Best Kept Secret in Tennessee! ~

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EJ's Treasures - Map - Turn east at the College Grove Methodist Church.

A Story Too Good Not To Share!!

"A friend of ours owns a little antique/gift shop called E.J.'s Treasures. Before mother got sick, she used to enjoy visiting Emy Jo's shop and often purchased greeting cards and unique little items from her.... I remember when mother purchased 'the rooster'... an item that probably 99% of ...customers would have walked by without giving ANY thought to purchasing. Mother was always the exception... finding joy and entertainment in activities and things that most people overlook in their rush for the bigger and finer things....Several months before daddy passed away (Dec. '03), mother visited E.J.'s Treasures and purchased a rooster. She got the biggest kick out of this rooster because it quickly became the topic of conversation when visitors would come see daddy and mother....Odd how this silly rooster has brought forth so much laughter and conversation."

"Recently, out of the clear blue sky, she inquired about this rooster and said she wanted it with her. So I took it to her and Rodney sits quietly in the window sill of her room. It has once again become the topic of conversation for almost anyone who passes by. If someone walks into mother's room, she introduces them to Rodney. I took this picture a few days ago... mother and Rodney... sharing a moment together....This silly rooster has brought so much fun and laughter to the other patients at NHC as well as the staff and family members of the other patients in her hall. It's an environment where laughter is always welcomed!" - Nora

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Located at 8455 Bellenfant Road -- College Grove, TN 37046

Open:   12:00 - 4:00  Tues., Wed. and Thurs.   -   10:00 - 4:00 Fri. and Sat.

"Always a Good Idea to Give Us a Call Before You Come!"

emyjoe@ejstreasures.com (615) 368-2020 or by appointment (615) 210-5700