Tha Crash Pad of EJthaDJ

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and check me and my personal homepage out. It's still in the process of re-design (I know I know, its taking FOREVER, and I'm a slacker but...) Here you can learn about me, see some digital artwork and such pertaining to my career path of choice, gain info on how to contact me, and check out my portfolios from my personal flyer & digital creations business. You can see photos of my family, and my friends, and much much more. This site was created to give you a better perspective of who I am, aspects of my life, my designs and artwork, my family, and various other things of interest to me. This site is continually being updated and added to, so check back often and you'll most likely see something new, look real hard. Have fun!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Eric Jéan, EJ is what i'm known by amongst my closest of friends. I currently just completed a move several months ago for a job transfer from Michigan to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and am getting to start fresh and try something new. CHANGE IS GOOD! I hold a Bachelors of Technology Degree in Digital Multimedia Technology. Alot of things are looking up finally. Seems like alot is beginning to flow in the right direction. Both financially, spiritually, and socially. Meeting and making TONS of new friends weekly has become my favorite past time, and has been interesting and welcomed. I have however been keeping my eye out, for something more to come my way and grab my heart. After having explored a few short lived relationships here in MN, nothing has locked this boy down yet. But wow have I learned a TON about women. Alas, I'm currently single, livin the bachelors life, am 26, soon to be 27 and have found myself very very happy these days. Not sure what I'll land career wise just yet in my field of study but i'm not worried. Currently holding down a full time position as a Customer Service Representative for a subsidary of RadioShack. As well as holding a position on the 4th floor of the Mall of America as a DJ at a place called "Jillians". Aside from that, I also maintain my own flyer & digital creations contractable buisness, called

EJukated Imaging & Designs
Bare with me as I need to reconstruct these pages in particular. It needs some updates and additions and fixings pretty badly! Will be doing that soon.

Originally, I am from Northern CA, From as far north as Humboldt County "Green Bud Capitol"!!! My 2 parents reside back home in Ferndale CA. But are spending some time in Washington state helping to get a home-schooling institution called The Moore Foundation, alittle further off the ground and into the 21st century. I soon will be helping them with the web design and technical aspects of getting their curriculms and services out to the world. I have one younger sister of 24, who lives in San Jose, CA. Eventually I hope to return to CA. to live. I love my home state but not too sure on how long it's gonna be, before that happens.
For pics of my family and friends whom I love and miss so much, you can view them here!

Family and Friends

For those few of you who came here to see more of me and are curious as to what I look like well...this is the page for you. Be Nice! There are some old pics, but my yahoo albums are all fairly recent!

Just Me!!!

Feel free to Email me with comments - EJTHADJ@YAHOO.COM. Or contact me through AOL instant messenger - EJTHADJ21M I'm always open to making new aquaintences and friends. Look forward to hearing from you, whom ever you may be. Welcome to my site once again, I hope you find it somewhat interesting or at least momentarily entertaining.