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Eyes On Elijah
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Welcome to "Eyes on Elijah"!  This is an Elijah Wood fan site (dur) created by three Final Fantasy freaks!  We were considering calling it "Yuffie, Yunie, and Rinoa's sad obsessions" but "Eyes On Elijah" was just ssooo perfect.  Y'know, Eyes On Me, Eyes On Elijah, cool FF song for a cool guy with the hottest eyes in existence.......ah you get my drift, right?  Anyway, I'm gonna shut up now. 
You can contact me, Yuffie, at (no, i'm not 13 years old if that's what you're wondering)
or Yuna (Yunie) at
If the background isn't showing on your computer, kindly reload the page.  please?  it's a real nice bg...wouldn't want ya to miss out on it.
About Us
Heya everyone!  since you're all here, you obviously like Elijah, so i just wanna say, go to and vote for him as "The Fittest Celeb!!"  c'mon, show the love!   O yea, one more thing.  We got taken off our regular isp, so now i only have 10 hours a month, which is only enough time to check my e-mail and perhaps do some weekend editing to the site if ever i get the info/pics to update the site with.  so, just so ya know, i prob'ly won't be able to update for a while.  but still, feel free to e-mail me any comments/suggestions/info/pics.  as soon as i get back online full-time i'm gonna do some major updating!
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