Ekanta AoM AoE3 UI mods

UI/Hotkeys for AoE3/AoM

 No online errors (Part of the credit to Xentelian, Qazitory and Kastor)

 UI mod

Ekanta_AoE3_UI (1.2)   Ekanta_TWC_UI (1.3)  

Ekanta_TAD_UI (1.7) / Ekanta_TAD_UI_HC (1.7, HC view)

Comes with installer/uninstaller - Always uninstall if you don't want it anymore or if you change between versions.

Hotkey editor mod




(Manual install) When a new patch comes or you install this the first time, first click the "Reset all Hotkeys" button in game, then install it and restart AoE3.

Small UI mod

Add hitpointbar, speed, train time to default minimized ui (TAD) with:  HPbar_speed_traintime_to_minimized_ui

Small hotkey mod

Add (with user.con file) a few missing hotkeys with:  UserCon_Flare_Ungarrison_Fort_Hotkeys

(Works with all 3 versions, see readme for instructions)

 AoM/AoT UI mods

6 versions total.

"Esanta" shown above



AoM/AoT Hotkey Editor Mod



Small Hotkey Mod

Add (with user.con file) missing hotkeys with: user.con

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