Orphan Trains

Orphan Trains

Homes For Children


A Company of Homeless Children From the East Will Arrive At:

Morrill Hall, Thursday, October 19

These children are of various ages and of both sexes, having been thrown friendless upon the world. They come under the auspices of the Children's Aid Society, of New York. They are well disciplined, having come from various orphanages. The citizens of this community are asked to assist the agent in finding good homes for them. Persons taking these children must be recommended by the local committee. They must treat the children in every way as members of the family, sending them to school, church, Sabbath school and properly clothe them until they are 18 years old. Protestant children placed in Protestant homes and Catholic children in Catholic homes. The following well know citizens have agreed to act as a local committee to aid the agents in securing homes:

Emily Bolen   Darren Genson    Lisa Blizzard    Sara Quick

Applications must be made to and endorsed by the local committee.

An address will be given by the agents. Come and see the children and hear the address. Distribution will take place at:

Morrill Hall, Thursday, October 19


One person can make a difference!!!


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