You walk into a barn and hear a sound behind you and jump."Hello,welcome to Saliun Islands.My name's Sam.I'm going to be your guide today."a voice says.You turn around and see a girl.She sees the surprised look on your face."You thought I was going to be a boy."It isn't a question,it was just a statement."Well,um,let's get going then,"Sam smiles,"I can't wait!This is my first time doing it."She admitts.Then she looks up,"Well here are some things you should know about the islands. There are five different islands.Three of them have creatures to adopt.Those are Kayeco Island,Cayo Island,and Osafor Island.Kayeco Island has the Tanimian.Cayo Island has the Zenicasi.Osafor Island has the Maulitiu.The island we are on right now is the Main Island and the one with all our adopted pets is Amarindo Island.So where do you want to go?"You look at her in amazement,for she was talking at a breathless rate."Well?"Sam asks you again.
Saliun Islands
Sam oringinated from Dragon Moon
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Amarindo Island

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