PT. EKA NURI was established in 1984. Our business is base on Warehousing and General supplier and mostly our customers are from Oil Company. By the end of year 2001 our Company is developed into many division such construction engineering, Containers management and ship brokers. This shows that PT. EKA NURI has not been affected by the economics and social crisis of Indonesia.

Our best commitment to our customers would not be achieved without Technology and Professionalism. As the technology develops and makes changes to the world's behaviour, professionalism is needed to adapt with the current trends. Our equipments, facilities and professionalism of human resources are important to our company as the powerful assets to meet the excellence in our service to satisfy our clients.

PT. EKA NURI Kalijapat IV branch achieved ISO 9001 in 2001 from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, and Zero Accident Certificate from YPF REPSOL-MAXUS in year 2000. Our company was also participate by opening two stands in Mega Petroleum Event 2001, one of the largest event attended by most Petroleum Companies in Indonesia .

Through the effort from our management and supported by our employees we believe PT. EKA NURI group would be exist in international competitiveness in the year where free trade (AFTA and NAFTA) will be started

Our excellent services have paid off by achieving a mutual trust as well with other companies or our clients. Many world-class companies have trusted us for the past ten years. P.T. (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia II, P.T. Baruna Raya, P.T. Tidex, Pertamina, YPF Maxus Southeast Sumatera, Total Indonesia, Atlantic Richfield Indonesia Inc. (ARCO), Kondur, Unocal, British Petroleum are some of them who relied their trust entirely on us to co-operate.

By this information, we hope you will choose us as the best partner for you in the future.

Jakarta, July 1998

Our Vision
Bringing PT. EKA NURI group to become one of the world standard's company supporting sea exploration

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