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"In 1996, Madeleine Albright, then the US secretary of state, was asked on national television what she felt about the fact that 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of US economic sanctions. She replied that it was a very hard choice', but that, all things considered, we think the price is worth it'. Albright never lost her job for saying this. She continued to travel the world representing the views and aspirations of the US government. More pertinently, the sanctions against Iraq remain in place. Children continue to die."
from http://www.zmag.org/roycalam.htm

"Stahl: We have heard that over half a million children have died. I mean, that's more than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it? Albright: I think this is a very hard choice. But the price-- we think the price is worth it."
from http://www.fair.org/extra/0003/crossette-iraq.html



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"The aircraft, a three-engine TU-154, departed Tel Aviv at 10:00 a.m. and reportedly made an unscheduled stopover at Burgas, Bulgaria where it took on additional passengers.... Itim news service said the plane took on six new passengers during the unplanned stop in Bulgaria."
to my astonishment, STILL no other news source anywhere has even mentioned this alleged stopover in bulgaria - not even to discredit the allegation.

and the plane crash in milan, which occurred only about 12 hours after the attacks in afghanistan began? it was forgotten within 24 hours, said to be an accident. who were the germans piloting the private plane? who were the italian passengers on the private plane? is it a coincidence that "at least 3" suspected terrorists were arrested in milan 2 days later?

the point-blank murder of a federal officer outside the FBI building in detroit, hours after the arraignment of 3 al-qaeda members at a courthouse 2 blocks away? it hasn't been mentioned since the day it happened - and nothing was ever said about the gunman, except that he survived.

and the explosion of the chemical plant in toulouse? i think most americans don't know about it, as it hasn't been mentioned in the american press. and what mention there has been even in the french press, has been equivocal as to whether it was an accident or an attack.

the bus crash in tennessee, after the bus driver's throat was slit with a box-cutter? forgotten after a day, saying the attacker was croatian, "a single deranged individual", and dead (it is worth noting that croatia is 1.2% muslim, yugoslavia is 19% muslim, and bosnia-herzegovina is 40% muslim - the quantity of muslims in and around croatia does not of course incriminate the attacker, but it does show that he still could very well be a member of al qaeda even though he was allegedly croatian).

the hijacking in india? laughed off the next day as a miscommunication. but if it was a miscommunication, why did the pilot request that 2 engineers come on board?

the plane crash over the black sea? hours after the fact the US said it was a stray ukrainian missile. why did it take hours for the US to come up with that "theory"? if evidence from satellites indicated as much, one would think this would have been obvious within minutes, not hours. and why were there bullet holes in the cockpit door (according to the people who recovered the debris)? why did the plane stop in bulgaria and pick up 6 passengers (bulgaria is 13% muslim, and shares a 144 mile border with turkey, which is 99.8% muslim)? who were the 6 passengers? why did the armenian pilot who witnessed the crash see "an explosion on board the plane" before it crashed? why are there conflicting reports as to whether the missiles being used were physically capable of travelling 300km? how can some military experts say the missiles have a range of only 30km, while others say they have a range of 300km (18 miles is a lot less than 180 miles)? the ukrainian military has denied it, saying it's impossible. the BBC attempted to discredit the denial with an allusion to the denials surrounding chernobyl. isn't it uncanny that the plane's origin and destination are 2 of bin laden's 3 least favorite countries (israel and russia, the third being the US)? isn't it uncanny that novosibirsk is only about 300 miles north of kazakhstan? isn't the analogy between "new york city" and "new siberian city" ("novosibirsk" in translation) uncanny?

the 3 cases of anthrax in florida? the gov't says "maybe" it was bioterrorism, even though there have been only 18 cases of inhalational anthrax in the US in 100 years, and 3 in boca raton, florida within 1 week. 18 cases in 5200 weeks in an entire country - then 3 cases in 1 week in the same office, only a few miles from the airport where mohammed atta rented planes in august. "American Media" sounds a lot like "American Airlines".

the bombing in saudi arabia? last i heard 2 americans died, among others. yet it was forgotten after a day, nothing ever said about who did it, who was killed, why, etc.

on oct 10th america asked qatar to censor its television station al jazeera, giving as its reason concern about the spread of anti-american sentiments. qatar responded with a reference to freedom of the press (however the AP reported that al jazeera's response was simply that "it's a 'scoop'"), which is ironic given all of bush's talk about freedom, democracy, and the american way of life. then later that day, america asked television stations across the country, across the united states, to "use caution" in broadcasting al qaeda / bin laden videos, for fear they may contain encrypted messages to al qaeda members. what is the real reason the US wants these videos not to be seen?

later on the evening of the 10th, as i was finishing a first draft of this letter, a plane crashed in alaska killing 9 people and injuring 1 (cnn) (about which nothing was said on the 11th), a delta flight from atlanta to los angeles was diverted with F-16 escorts and made an emergency landing in louisiana (bbc) (about which nothing was said on the 11th), 2 ships collided in the english channel killing one captain and causing an oil spill (bbc) (about which nothing was said on the 11th), and a US surveillance plane was shot down over iraq (cnn) (about which nothing was said on the 11th). one thing that was said on the 11th, on cnn, is that the producers of "the muppets" are very upset about a photo featuring bert next to bin laden, which allegedly appeared in an anti-american protest in pakistan.

i think we're being lied to, at a time when the truth could save a lot of lives. i think the reason we're being lied to is so that the government can do what it wants without protest, and/or because the truth would cause mass panic, which would likely cause the global economy to fall not into a recession but a depression.

speaking of the government doing what it wants, now only a handful of members of congress have access to classified information regarding this "war". what happened to the system of checks and balances? isn't congress supposed to, among other things, keep the president in check? a president elected by the supreme court, and independent of congress. this is not america.

one wonders what the whole truth and nothing but the truth is.



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