Volcano Run - Bolt-1-On and Herpes

Put the date in your diary now! There will be a weekend of running up and down, in and out, live and extinct, volcanoes near Cipanas, Garut, Bali on the weekend of 9th-11th April. More details will be coming soon as will application forms

 Pan-Indo 6th - 8th August 1999, Malang

Hosted by Brawijaya Hash. Register now by phone to (0341) 324966 - 357375 or by fax to (0341) 580239 - 363617. Details from Tarzan Speaking. Note that Pan-Indo 2000 will be in Jakarta.

1999 Yirbuk

This will be put together by Bolt-1-On and Angie Baby. Assistance needed with getting sponsors and providing material or anything else that could be used without risking court action. Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 At JH3 This Week:

Run 1564, 18th January. Hare: Sheepskin, Co-Hares: Konkrete Kock

Stats: Members 27, plus 6 Visitors/New Members/Past Members - Total 33

The Run.


Our intrepid Hash Master was devastated that such a good run in such good country could be awarded the insult of a Hashshit. But he needs to realise that being awarded a Hashshit is indeed an honour. The definition of a Hashshit is, I am told, a perfectly good run, fucked up. In this case the run was still good but the hare and co-hare could not have predicted that torrential rain in the Puncak would have resulted in the river at Sentul being un-crossable except by bridge. Anyway, I get ahead of myself. The location of the start at the Polo and Equestrian Club promised some up-hill running and we were not disappointed. The paper headed straight up through some shiggy and carried on up over the top into a housing development with no houses. The trail went through a series of walls that had holes in them and then led across a bridge (interesting suspension construction). The big question then was "left or right"? Being one of the rear guard, we saw the front runners heading off right up the valley. The river was in spate so unlikely to be crossed. Enquiries from the locals revealed that the nearest bridge was several kilometres upstream but only two kilometres down stream. Could this be a crafty lefty? We headed straight on looking for a trail but with no success and then we saw in the far distance runners climbing the biggest mountain in the area. From that distance they looked like ants. I am told that the view from this point was magnificent and the Hares had tried to lay a run to this point to give the Runners the benefit of the spectacle.

There was no way this was a leftie and there was no way we could rectify our mis-reading of the trail. So, we headed back to the bridge and across it where we found that there was an in-trail on the far side and followed this all the way back. The view across the valley revealed runners in the distance - the far distance but the acoustics in the valley were such that shouted communications were possible!! It was then that we realised that maybe this was not what was planned! There were signs that paper had been re-laid and that arrows had been reversed. All was revealed in the circle that the due to the rain the trail had to be re-laid - and that this only happened at 4.15. The hares were left with a problem having planned two river crossings before the rain came.

 The weather did not detract from the wonderful running country, the magnificent views and the general enjoyment of the run by most people even though some found it a little long with even the front runners coming in at 6.20. There was no reason for the hares to be miffed. It was a good run and a Hashshit is after all a good run fucked up! The Hare and Co-Hare deserve a lot of credit for retrieving the run after the river did its dirty deed. No shame only honour!! The last Hasher to return was the Co-Hare at 6.57!

The Circle.

The circle was in itself another feat of some note. Being the eve of the Idul Fitri holiday, the Anker boys decided not to turn up leaving to Hare/Hash Master to arrange the beer, soft drinks, ice, umbrella, kerosene light (only one) and everything else. Without the dedication of such Hashers, we would not have the full benefit of being a Hasher! Thanks Konkrete Kock - sorry about the Hashshit!

Tarzan leapt into action at 7.50 when there were sufficient Hashers back to be able to form a circle. The usual DDs for the active Committee - Hash Cash Tommy the Who, RA Go Blok M, MM stand-in Col. Bloodknock, Scribe The Rope, JHM stand-in Fanny. There were DDs for Returners Go Blok M, Vatican Rag, KK, Tommy the Who, MGM, Dripper, Dingo Dick and Bullshit (had they found him). Welcome back lads - keep up the support for the Hash. There were a couple of New Members still in the Circle including Dave Blackburn, a visitor Phil Murray and another Returner Kneezy.

The run discussion was revealing. Angie declared it a good run as he went out on paper and came back in on paper. Superbrat gave it 10 out of 10 for scenery but criticised the Hares for lack of checks except towards the end when it was already dark. Col Blood knock thought that half the run was brilliant, half almost brilliant and half fucked up (and I thought he was Welsh not Irish). Hardcase decided it was a technical Hashshit, Vatican Rag agreed in that he ran through some backward pointing arrows. Lickaclit also thought it a Hashshit as the trail had been washed away. Tarzan agreed that it was a Hashshit and the Hares were duly iced.

Tarzan advised us that he was celebrating Idul Fitri and sought the circles forgiveness - for what we were not quite sure. It was thought that he was apologising for having to leave early but he stayed! MM sang "Yogi Bear" and Go Blok M awarded DDs for those unsociable enough to have kept drivers on for the eve of Idul Fitri and to Dingo Dick for being sociable enough to have sent his Pembantu home. DDs were also awarded to those who followed Go Blok M in the wrong direction - Dripper (brain dead) started it, Go Blok M (bum steer) followed as did KK, Jungle Fucker and others. As BB said, "never follow a Cloggie".

The Hash reverted to being a singing Hash with renditions of "It's the Same the Whole World Over (Red Flag)", "Imagine", "Mt God How the Money Rolls In", "The Mayor of Bayswater" and The Hairs on her Dicky-Di-Do" to mention but a few. The stand-in MM, Col. Bloodknock who did a superb job led all these. The Hares sang a version of "The New York Mining Disaster" re-named "The Blok M Grinding Disaster" but this turned out to be not an original song. The later sang "Diana" also un-original - where have all the song-writers gone? Witless tried to confuse the circle by using a foreign (but well known by some two timing Hashers)rendition of the DD song and succeeded with some.

There were a couple of jokes including a racist one from Tarzan about the black girls in Irian Jaya and a joke from the MM about an Irishman, Scotsman and Englishman and something to do with a firing squad.

The rain came and went as did the umbrellas. The beer was of course in cans as there was no beer truck and some enterprising individuals managed to deploy the boxes to keep their heads dry but then it was said Superbart always has his head in a box. Nothing was said about BB who also had a box on his head?

The circle went on late but nobody seemed to object as after all it was late start. There were directions given to the On-On which seemed to leave many confused but the everyone who wanted to seemed to make it.




Konkrete Kock's mansion for Laksa and Nasi Goreng - magnificent!! It was noted that there were certain individuals who normally do not stay or the makan. Could this be because all the bars in Blok M were closed for the night? Thanks to Konkete Kock and missus for organising the food.

The Rope. 18/01/99