Welcome to EKHO Norr!

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Welcome to EKHO Norr!

The Swedish Ecumenical Group for LGBT Christians North of the Dala River

What is EKHO Norr? - A Short Introduction

EKHO Norr is an associated group of EKHO Sweden (The Swedish Ecumenical Groups for LGB Christians).
We are a small and friendly group that serve the entire geographical area north of the Dala River. Because we cover such a vast area - more than 50 per cent of Sweden - we work somewhat differently from other EKHO groups. Umeå-based EKHO Norr has a contact network of LGBT Christians and LGBT-friendly clergy and Christian youth workers throughout the reception area.

LGBT and Christianity
We believe that LGBT and Christianity are fully compatible; you can be Christian and have a same-sex relationship.

For information on Christianity and LGBT in English (articles, books etc) please visit the LGCM web-site (Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement) in the UK. The LGCM is a sister-organisation to EKHO. Click here!

Worship and Events
At present EKHO Norr meets the first Monday every month at 19.00 at the chapel on Umeå university Campus to worship. All are welcome!

We also organise discussions and social events.E.g. once a month we meet at Café Feliz (RFSL Umeå). For more information please email us at the address below.

Contact us
If you would like to meet other LGBT Christians, you have questions about LGBT issues and Christianity or if you would like further information about EKHO Norr, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at ekhonorr@yahoo.se


Updated: 2004-02-20