Hanna's House.com

Hmm....I like splash in center, but that's just me. Looks good so far, though.

I like the Golden Retriever counter. The puppy in the mailbox is cute too. The texture looks kinda weird, but I like. Tagboards are fun.

Matching scroll bars! Thanks goodness! Let's see here: waiting to be reviewed by *reads* Vertigo! There we are..... Oh yeah, I don't think your "submit a name" thingy is working.

You have lots of cute petz for adoption, but your images need to be transparent. Hehe, I'm in love wiht Shine! *melts into a puddle*

Oh no! Horizontal scroll bars. I don't really liek those, but it's nice that your trying to make them better.

On the rules/apply form, its says answer all questions, but yet there is an optional question *confizzled*. Oh well, I understand it.

I like how you have include posing examples in your rules/enter page, insteading of having a whole separate page for them. And again, transparent images! =)

I like your cliques. I think I'll join one. *goes to links page* Aww....no link to Vertigo??

I get the feeling there's some tension between HH.com and Sexy Petz.....

I like your doggie Rex, but then again I'm in love with Shine, too, and they look alike. I will be back to apply for Shine!

Overall: Overall I liked your site, but the non-transparent images and horizontal scroll bars bugged me. But that's okay. Very cute adoptions, lots of things to do, but nothing really original. That's okay, your working on it. So basically the only things I would recomend are:
no horizontal scroll bars (which aren't really your fault, and aren't really that bad)
transparent images (or a white backround - that's my secret!)
one thing that's very original.

Very nice site!

Final Verdict:
Content-13/15 (1 point off for not having Vertigo linked *cries*)
Interest Level-9/10
Bonus! 1/0 (for being nice, and having tagboard, and having a golden retriever counter)
Overall 47/50 -- A!

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