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Ahhh! The pop-ups bug to me. Oh good, they are only on your splash page. That's okay then. =)

Horizontal scroll bar. Naughty, naughty.... That scrollbar is being caused by that one line on the bottom, so if I were you I'd try to move it or remove it. Or you can also get a code that eliminates horizontal scrolling, but allows vertical scrolling.

Aww....Cutie layout. I want it! *steals layout, huggles* I wish I could do layouts like that. If you ever feel like tutoring someone for one or two layouts, lemme know! *lol, but truely*

Your graphics are wonderful. *clicks on mixies* Aww...Poof is a cutie! One pet per 2 weeks? A bit long, but I understand.

You have some cutie tabbies, too! But is that all your site is going to have?

Where do you type what pet you want? I'm confuzzled *scratches head*

The awards idea is nice. It's something original, and I like it.

PHP, good

No links? And you never said you were being reviewed by us? Naughty again!

Overall Opinion: I like your site. Your layout is goreous, but you don't have all that much content. People want lots of thngs to do, otherwise they won't stay/come back. But you have cute adoptions! I love your hexed tabbies.

Final Verdict:
Content-12/15 (what you have is good, but you don't have much)
Layout-15/15 (I love it!)
Interest Level-5/10
Overall 42/50 -- Good Job! Just add some more content maybe is all I recomend. =)

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