Splash looks like old layout? That's okay, I liked those doggies alot! *goes to homepage* Aww....Pixel is SO cute! I want! *steals* Vertigo is linked under past spotlights! Way to go! Where did you get those brushes? (to do the backround)

You have the most adoptions I've ever seen on a petz site. Good victory, and it keeps people coming back, because you are always adding new litters, even if you already have a bunch! Natural: Breed Maple and Pixel again, those puppies turned out so cute! Hexed: Alright, I'm already in love with 2 pets! I really love Kemp and those Micro-Mutts. I might be back applying later, we'll see. Free: Blackis looks weird. I want. I like wierd.

Reviews are good, and Vertigo got 50/50 *cheers*

Contests are always fun. I already entered the lesson one!

Your petz are cute. I want Spark and Pixel. =D

The help section is great, definately a great part of your site.

Downloads are good. One of your downloads just got herself a BIS.

Aww....no link to Vertig in the links section *naughty, naughty!*

Ya know, it sucks not having AIM because I can't chat with half of the petz community....=(

Overall Opinion: I love your site! *bows down to the queen* Ooh I hope I win that lesson contest *crosses fingers* Your layouts are great! Your hexing is wonderful, and you natural litters are full of variety! Plus you have a bucnh of other sections, offering everything a petz lover needs! =D

Final Verdict:
Layout-15/15 (I love it!)
Interest Level-10/10
Overall 50/50 -- Awesome! My first perfect score! Now all you need is a link to Vertigo in the faves section.....*wink wink*

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