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This's the personal site of Eko Agung & Family .........

My name Eko Agung, my full name is "Agustinus Eko Agung S". 

When I was a child my family called me "AGUS" .

 Then when I was and at SMP & SMA most of  my friend call me "TINUS". 

I graduate from Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran  Technical Dept (AIP) - Jakarta  at 1991 most of my friend call me "JAWIR".  

In Sept 1992 I entering to Univ Gunadarma faculty computer scient, at this time they call my  "EKO"  until now. 

At Sept 2002 I conduct a computer training at KPTI-JT (Kantor Pengelola Tehnology Informasi - Jakarta Timur)  they call my "AGUNG" until now

So I think it's complete already my colleague call all of my name.  

I live at jakarta with my family the addres is:

Jalan Palapa II/18 Komplek Pertanian Pasarminggu - Jakarta Selatan Indonesia.

Phone 021-7806795 Email:eko2205@quantumprima.com


Here the family, 

Shanti (Shanti Ari U) my wife work at RSIJ ( Rumah Sakit Islam Jakarta ) which  locate  at  Cempaka  Putih - Jakarta Pusat  as Chiefs of  cash revenue.           

Dilla (Dalila Putri Arieka) is my 1st daughter born at jakarta Jul-1996, now she is the student of SDS Bakti tugas the 3th class which locate at Komp Bea Cukai Pasarminggu.

Diffa ( Lathifa Dwi Sekarayu)  is my 2nd daugher born at jakarta Oct-1999, now she's the student of TK Teratai, next year she will enter to the elementary school.  

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