Kalinaw is a bisayan word for peace or tranquility. This site aims to write articles about the true human condition.

It aims to provide articles critical to issues concerning Philippine Society

The author believes that in his quest for what reality is he will find the peace that he was looking for.

This site is a requirement for J117 class of Professor Danilo Arao of the College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines.


Friendly, out-going and funny, these words would best describe my whole personality,but some people misunderstand me.

A lot of people say that I'm one of the most likeable person they ever met. Sure, for one thing I treat them with food; but that's just not what they like about me. They say I'm very funny. Ha...ha...ha... I guess its because my hair looks like a dry looking twig, ready to be shred off by nature's mighty force; or a broom would be a good choice to describe its magnificence.

A friend told me once, that the reason why I'm so funny, is because I make fun out of myself. Like a ridiculous joker entertaining his majesty. And in fact, he's right. I do make fun out of myself; I like breaking up silence and starting to pretend someone who I'm not supposed to be; gigling and chuckling like a lunatic; or making fun out of people, which is not really good. I guess, that's my way of relieving my mind from hazardous and mind-breaking problems - everybody has them. But hey, it gives my friends a chance to laugh and smile which is very important to me.

Friendly, out-going, and funny are just my dominant traits, but like any other people, there is always a dark shadow behind them. Behind every strong individual there will always be a weakness. But that's another story.

Corruption vs. Education
Youth: Protectors of Rights and Freedom
They were there. They were involved. Joining their hands they marched with dignity shouting their stand. These students knew what was going on. They knew very well the effects of the events that had transpired in their country. They have to fight, not just for their own but for everyone’s freedom. read more ----------------------------------------

Filipinos are fun of ghost stories. In fact, a dozen of horror films were released for the past years that have hit the box office charts.

Tales of tikbalang, kapre and manananggal sprouted among provinces and people who are afraid of such tend to rely on paranormal experts to explain their curiosities.

How can we see something that cannot be seen?

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Aquarium Life: Confessions of A Pastor's Kid

How beautiful it is to live with freedom: the freedom to choose, freedom to be who you want to be, freedom to get what you want, and freedom from everything that makes your life miserable.
When I was a little kid, I really loved watching fish in an aquarium. Every time my father fetched me from school, I made it sure that he would take me to the nearest pet shop. My eyes would glimmer watching the fish as they gracefully swim and magnificently maneuver inside. It was so fascinating watching them. Some of the fish would chase around each other; others would hide behind artificial corals. They looked happy and contented. Being a kid, it was so easy to like those fish. But as I think of it now, I realize that behind what seemed to be a fascinating world for them, was a life full of misery. I am sure they would never want to be in that aquarium if they just had a choice. They would surely love to be out there in the sea.

Being a pastor's kid, I could liken me life to that of those fish. I feel like I too am in an aquarium. There may never be glasses that surround me, but there are giant walls of rules, norms, and life standard that I have to consider before making any move. These things beset me even before I was born. What's worst, people expect me to be perfect.

I noticed this when I was growing up. My father, who is a pastor, would teach members of the church how to live a holy life... a life pleasing to God... a life that would serve as a good example for others. Naturally, these members also look up to the pastor's family as a model of what the pastor preaches. From then on, I've been living my life in a glass house – a house open for all to see.
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