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Did you know? At the wrap party after the final taping, Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson presented the cast and crew with gold rings. Each ring had a flat top that had the HI logo on it and "1991-99," the years the show ran. Inside, was engraved, "Love, Tim and Pat."

Nope, still no updates - I'm only writing because I got a message from GeoCities that my site will be deleted if I don't update it within 30 days. So here I am writing a pointless message to prevent that from happening. I spent a lot of time on what has made it online and I intend to keep it here for as long as I can. I may be moving this site to Angelfire where I transfered my other sites to prevent account deletion, but we'll see. As was the case last year, I still have the files that I haven't been uploaded yet. I've been slacking off on all my websites lately; maintaining more than one site is quite a challenge. If you need to reach me for any reason, including an update request (but don't hold your breath on that!), drop me a line. Until next year!

Elizabeth, December 29, 2003

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In order to make this cool applet, I had to reduce picture sizes, which in turn, lowered the quality of the picture. In order to see a nice clear image, click on the picture you wish to see. :-)

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