"Yello, Happy Halloween, Boo."
Ahh, memories. Each year, Home Improvement very faithfully produced an episode for Halloween. And in it, Tim answered the phone with the expression I love so much, "Yello, Happy Halloween, Boo." I, along with most of you, miss Home Improvement very much. Especially the Halloween episodes. And so this Halloween, as we face our second year without Home Improvement's Halloween episode, let's take a look back....

Taylor Family Halloween History
Flying Sauces Although not really a Halloween episode, this is as close to one as it got in the show's first season. In this episode, Brad and Randy convince Mark that everyone in the family except for him is an alien. They go on to tell him that the ship is coming in that night to pick them up and Mark will be left by himself. When Mark tells Tim, they turn the tables on Brad and Randy.

The Haunting of the Taylor House In the first Halloween episode of the series, Brad has a Halloween party. He and Jennifer are going to dress alike as Raggedy Ann and Andy, but at the last minute, Jennifer gets mad at Brad and changes her mind. Tim creates a "Catacomb of Terror" in the basement.

Crazy for You Tim has begun getting letters from a fan named Rose. Jill laughs at Tim for thinking he has a fan. When he tells Wilson that Rose sent him cookies, he tells Tim they may be poisoned. This makes Tim worry, especially when she calls him at home because his number isn't listed. And then she shows up to Tim's Halloween party.

Borland Ambition Harry sells off his brother's 20% share in the hardware store. Tim begs Jill to let him buy it, but she won't give in, so Al does. Mark dresses as Al for Halloween, complete with Al's new shirt advertising Harry's Hardware.

Let Them Eat Cake Tim doesn't want to attend the Cable Award Show because Tool Time never wins. But Al forces Tim to go. Without his parents at home, Brad and his friend Jason throw a party at the Taylor House.

I Was a Teenage Taylor Fed up with all of Brad and Randy's Halloween jokes, Jill agrees to let Tim scare them. Tim hires Halloween Larry to make the boys think that a murder happened in their house and the body is in the basement. But when Al blows the joke, the boys get revenge.

A Night to Dismember For a film class he's taking, Mark and Ronny make a horror film of the family. In it, the forgotten son Clark uses a potion from Dr. Wilsonstien to turn his family into zombies and kill them. When Jill discovers the topic of the film, she worries that Mark wants to kill all of them.

Bewitched In the last Halloween episode of the series, Tim and Jill attend a Halloween party at Wilson's where they meet his new girlfriend, Agatha. When left alone with them, she tells Tim and Jill that she's a witch and later hexes Tim. The following day, Wilson is missing and Tim is the prime suspect of his murder, especailly since he was named sole beneficiary of Wilson's affairs, and he's apparently very rich.

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