Of course I have to create a page solely for the relationship between Kunzite and Zoisite, seeing as it was what got me into Sailor Moon in the first place. I never really liked the series, mostly owing to the first season dub, but I watched it anyway because heck, it was free anime. And at that time, I didn't have the Cartoon Network, so all I got was Sailor Moon at six-thirty on Saturdays and Pokémon. Anyway, I thought the series was pretty dumb (as my mother said, "I'm going to strangle that blonde girl if she shrieks any louder") but I came in pretty late in the plot, and before I knew it, there was some pretty cool stuff going on, not the least of which was a strangely touching scene between that hot white haired guy and the chick with the really really irritating laugh. Our first thought was, "Hey, I didn't know they were together!" And then it got interesting.

My mother was surfing around the internet one day, and she read something about "that chick who isn't really a chick in Japan." I was sceptical at first, until I realized that "Zoycite" had a flatter chest than Lina Inverse, and when I actually spent some time reading up on the subject, I found out that Zoycite is really Zoisite, and she's a he. Sugoi.

I can't begin to explain how much more interesting this made their relationship. I was duly disgusted with the DIC people for changing the cute little feller's gender (even though I understand that all the narrowminded people out there would have a hairy fit at them if they didn't), and I set out to get the real series as soon as possible ^_^ I couldn't find them at the regular place I got fansubs, so I got them a bit later than planned, but after watching Zoisite with Namba Keiichi's voice coming out of him, there's no way you could think he was a girl. And hense, my obsession began...

Kunzite and Zoisite's relationship was what made the first season for me. I mean, I love Usagi to death and she and her little friends (not to mention Mamo-chan) are adorable, but they weren't half as interesting at this point as our lovely pair of homosexual lovers. And homosexual lovers who never take any flack for being so, no less. One of the many reasons I love the BSSM universe...

Anyway, they're just too cute. It's obvious that Zoisite absolutely adores Kunzy, and that he'd do anything for him. There was more than one occasion where he acted in order to protect Kunzite in some way. Zoisite is the more affectionate of the two, but that's just owing to his personality. He's extreme in everything that he feels, whether it be anger or jealousy or love. It's almost like hero-worship the way he moons after Kunzite, his kawaii little face lighting up whenever the other Shitennou comes within view. He really wants to impress Kunzite, and it's pretty clear that he could care less about making Queen Beryl happy. Out of all of the kings, he is the most frequent to disobey her. And even when he made the final mistake of hurting Tuxedo Kamen against Beryl's orders, fearing he failed her was the farthest from his mind. He wanted to tell Kunzite that he loved him, possibly for the first time, before he died.

As for Kunzy, we all know how much he likes to express his feelings, but somehow the message got across whenever he was around Zoisite. Gratuitious touching aside, Kunzite shows more emotion around Zoi-chan than he does around anyone else. I'm talking about emotions other than anger and annoyance, here. Embarassing things like affection. After all, I believe inciting jealousy is a true sign that you have more than plutonic feelings for someone ;) And Kunzite knew Zoisite would easily take the bait when he mentioned how pretty one of their potential victims was. Personally, I think he just did it so Zoisite would get pissed off and Kunzy would have an opportunity to pacify him. He's pacified easily ^_^ So Kunzite manifested a rose for his lover, appeasing him completely, and they went into another of their frequent cuddle-fests.

They do that a lot, actually. It's kind of odd for a show like Sailor Moon was at the beginning, where everyone was so blush-crazy whenever they were around the object of their affection. Kunzite and Zoisite are constantly holding onto one another (Kunzy has this thing for playing with Zoisite's hair) so obviously those two were in a confirmed relationship. They may not have actually said that they loved each other, but they both knew it. Zoisite's death was the greatest evidence to this fact.

As I mentioned on Kunzite's page, he's not the type of person to take the blame for other people's mistakes, and the very fact that he begged Queen Beryl to blame him for Zoisite's mess up shows how much he loved him. And since he knew he couldn't do anything to save his lover, he could only grant him his last wish, to die beautifully. And while on his deathbed it was clear that Zoisite was trying to be strong for Kunzite's sake, but he had to tell him that he loved him before it was too late.

Oshitaishite orimashita, Kunzaito-sama.

I'm sure everyone's noticed this, but since I often have nothing better to think about, I tried to dissect that phrase a little. I didn't get very far, except for knowing that putting O in front of things shows respect and that aishite is a form of "I love you." Pretty obvious, but I felt special for figuring that out back when I did.

After Zoisite's death, their love became even more clear. Kunzite just didn't act like he gave a crap anymore. He carried on because he didn't have anything else to do, but he certainly didn't go at their quest like he had before. And he was continually tortured by the loss of his lover. Take for example the skiing episode, where he was looking at picture of himself and Zoisite with those trembling anime trying-to-control-oneself eyes. This endeared me to Malachite in the first place, so you can see how it made me feel about Kunzite after I had already fallen for him.

Well, no one can dispute their relationship in the show (it's not a Jessie-James Mulder-Scully-before-the-seventh-season thing), but it has been debated over whether Kunzite and Zoisite were together in the manga or not. While there isn't a heck of a lot of stuff going for it (heck, they weren't even around for very long) I've still grubbed up some pathetic evidence to support that they were together.

Example number one.

Just look, Kunzite's arm is practically around Zoisite's waist. And anyway, you don't see many heterosexual males lolling all over each other like that ;) They're very much in each other's personal space, and in a sort of pose that would be normal for them in the anime.

You can't tell me he'd go and say this to someone he doesn't care about. There's some untranslated thing there by Kunzy, and I flipped the picture to figure out what it said, but I couldn't read the (apparently) katakana. Oh well.

Notice how Zoisite's name is in a different place from the others, indicating that he said it last and most importantly. Yes, I'm really reaching here ;)

See how he mentions Zoisite's name first? Yeah, yeah, okay, this could all be random, even changed in the translation, but I haven't seen the original Japanese (unfortunately) so I can't really say. But it made an impression on me, anyway ^_^

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