Hello, my name is Lena, and this is my homepage.

This picture of me was taken summer of 1999. I guess it's here so everyone knows what I look like. I guess I should talk about myself some more, so you all have an idea of who I am. I was born on November 10th of 1978, which makes me almost 22 years old. I live in Toronto, Canada. I moved here in 1996, from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, for me anyway. Well the name of the city is Odessa. It's located on the Black Sea. For it's exceptional beauty it's called "The Pearl on the Black Sea".
I guess I should stop boring you with the story of my life and move on to something more fun.

This here is a Ukranian Flag. It's here for a reason. As you already know Ukraine is the country I came from originally. But I'm not going to be talking about the country I'm going to be talking about my beautiful city. ODESSA.
On here you will see some pictures of places that I love and cherish.

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