A mind is a terrible thing

to let someone else control...

Amsterdam 2005, Yay for dutch economists working at the central bank,
I mean Dennis of course!


After escaping from the German landlady of doom, I found a great
appartment in Studentinstadt (Munich). Here is the housewarming party pics

Ok, so the German landlady is still trying to get money from me, but I at
least I don't live there any more, and I do have some cool research!
My Lab

Wow, a big snowstorm! I went on an adventure to go take some pictures with my nifty camera... and found a really cool swimming pool!


Latest and greatest, some pics from April, bare bones though... all this research leaves sadly little time for the websites, you forgive me though I'm sure.


Some kinda strange, possibly botched, playing with photoshop...

A little strange for your day...

Here is one of my favorite places, I grew up here so maybe I am
biased but I think it is the most beautiful place I have
ever been to....Although I have not been to Mars yet so
maybe I will change my mind when I get there.

There's no place like home,

And now for something completely different:

One project that interests me greatly is the prospect of going
to mars, so I have included a picture of one possible
mode of transportation. (the real one is still under some
construction)...."pay no attention to the small NASA logo in the corner..."

Pretty cool, huh? A few minor adjustments and that little baby
could support a nice crew, however you will be happy to know
that I do have back up transportation...

Someday I hope to meet aliens,
but until then I'll just have to be
content with the ice cream version.

Excepting Mars one interesting place to go is the California
coast, I was fortunate enough to get to drive down from Oregon
to Arizona where I am now. I will have a page up for
my road trip sometime later but for now here is a picture
of California seen via my once beautiful car; has since then exploded in a firey ball of flamey badness, but that too was a couple years ago so this is not such a new picture ;)

Speaking of the Red planet here is my own tribute
to the wonderfulness that is Mars

My Mars page