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This is Gypsy. Gypsy is a 15 week old normal grey cockatiel. I believe Gypsy to be male based on the spotting under his wings, I was told about sexing young tiels this way by a breeder.It will still be a few months before Gypsy gets his adult colors. Gypsy is a super velcro bird and loves to cuddle.
This is Tiki. Tiki a 14 week old african ringneck. I had Tiki DNA sexed and found out that Tiki is a girl. Tiki has a tendancy to think that she is the queen.
This is Sunny. Sunny is a 12 week old budgie. Sunny is still to young to tell if he/she is male or female and we will just have to wait til Sunny is older. Sunny is a little shy but a great little friend.
This is Moon. Moon is a 6 week old budgie. We don't know if Moon is male or female and will have to wait until Moon is older to find out. Moon is very outgoing and doesn't seem to be afraid of very much.