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Elaine's  "Tonight Matthew I'm Going To Be...." Site

Hi, my name is Elaine Sommers and underneath all this glamour is just an ordinary guy who likes to look pretty.
I live in Southwest UK and work as a doctor.  Married to a wife who has always known about my crossdressing interest.  We have 3 adult kids.
I am 'allowed' to dress up away from home a few times a year. I really go to town, but not literally - just me and my little camera in my hotel room. For those of you outside UK, you're probably wondering whatever the page title is all about. Well there's a TV programme called 'Stars In Their Eyes' which is basically a talent show where people try to sound and lookalike popular stars, usually singers. They say the the presenter 'Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Celine Dion...' or whatever, at which point they walk through a door enveloped in dry ice. By the tricks of Tv, they emerge the next moment transformed into their star, and then sing a song, sometimes quite painfully. Anyway, this is the approach I have to cross-dressing. Just for a while I pretend to be a lovely feminine star. And then, when its all over, its back to my normal (?) masculine self. That's it really.
I love the glam evening look; satin is my favourite.
I'm not really interested in the transgendered scene, but welcome fe-mails of the nicest possible kind. And a big thank you to all the kind people who sent me messages, most of which made me blush with pride! Most liked my pic in the maroon dress so I'll try to add another to this page if possible.
This is my very first attempt at a website.  I plan to get something more professional with more pics as soon as Ive got the hang of it.

There's my obligatory LBD shot. The fur is fake of course!

Quite a demure little number - pity I don't dare to go to a party in it

This is my first ever pic seen by others - it can be found at Vicki Rene's Page 147.  This is the one that has drawn so many comments from e-mailers. Thanks all of you - I luv you!

I love my silver dress (it looks white here). It feels so sultry.