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Welcome to the fascinating world of My Child Dolls. They were produced in the late 80's by Matell as competition to the Cabbage Patch Dolls I believe. Well, as a lover of cloth dolls and being a manic doll collector I just had to have some of these cuties in my collection. I have a variety and not all mint as I love the challenge of trying to restore them. Below is Kimberly, my first My Child, I found in a bin at an Op Shop, though she is a bit of a waif I really love her and she is a much valued part of my collection.
I have a section on some of the restorations I am in the process of completing, it is amazing what some tlc and a bit of work can achieve. On these pages to see a larger pic just click on the image.

Kimberly wearing the purple flower ABC dress with cabbage patch shoes

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