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You want my comments? Can you answer a question?

From: Curious
Date: 12 Feb 2001
Time: 08:33:23

I saw your letter briefly, but didn't read it all the way through? Why are you arguing all these technical details of the legal case in Argentina? You seem to know your side of it, so what else do you want to know?
But I am curious. I heard on the Family board that the Family had launched a suit against you guys down there, against the police who roughed them up in prison. From what I read in Ed's letter you guys were pretty rough to the kids.
Who's winning that suit? The family or the police? Can you tell us or has your lawyer told you to say, "no comment"?

Your question about the raids in Argentina is a big question. I believe the raids were the right thing and putting the Family members in jail was the rigtht thing and take the kids away from the Cult is the right thing. What I am disapointed about is that in the end the COGs got away with it. I don't know all the reason, and the mistakes and what more should had been done, but maybe we can learn from from this and do It better in the future. As you know 14 year olds are masturbating to Jesus etc.
The cult is just as crazy as it ever was. It is very sad that they were able to get away with it in all the cases. The only case where they got in trouble was the English court case and they paid a high price for it. It was proven that the children were abuses etc. But enen there the child was returned to the cult. And that is very sad. Take care xxx

We are very busy so I have to be quick. Thanks so much for what you are doing.Believe or not we are getting the point.I wished this had happened sometime ago but God knows. God Bless.



From: Felipe
Date: 26 Nov 2000
Time: 10:49:38

I understand your point Monica.People said we deserved to go through all this because we are following a false prophet and if Ed Prieb still have strong issues against the family and it's leaders well he probably will do again.
I hope not but we will have to see. Does Ed Priebe have anything to say about this? Please Ed don't misunderstand me,we are supposed to forgive others and that's what exactly what I am trying to do.Please respond.

In answer to Felipe's questions From: Ed (Hart)

Date: 26 Nov 2000
Time: 13:06:57

Dear Felipe, I certainly understand your concern, but believe me, I will have nothing to do with any more attacking the Family like I did in Argentina.
You said, "People said we deserved to go through all this because we are following a false prophet". Perhaps some people have said that, but I don't agree with that if they said it. Talking over differences of opinion should never lead to the kind of tragedies that happened in Argentina. That was done in anger and ignorance,not in a spirit of open discussion.
About what you said, "and if Ed Prieb still have strong issues against the family and it's leaders well he probably will do again". I don't have strong issues against Family members. My only quarrel has been (and should have stayed with) WS and top Family leaders. The reason is, I spent many years in WS, and helping compile and create and research Family doctrine was my entire job for months and years. But I have no quarrel with individual Family members and regret that I foolishly changed my tactics from discussing doctrinal disagreements, to a "fight" where I hurt individual Family members in Argentina. That was a big mistake and I recognize it.
Yes, Felipe, I sincerely believe you are trying to reach out and forgive, and I appreciate that very much. And I understand that you feel you should take a wait and see approach. Thanks for taking the time to write.


Re: How miraculous that police, and Sword types all over are reading NDN

Date: 13 Feb 2001
Time: 00:20:38

Truly miraculous. Sam A is here one day, and then a police chief, and then Hugo, and a Dr. and they are all monitroing NDN for the latest news and your latest answer. Miracle of miracles. Oh go away and post on the Sword of the Lord.

Jay, it looks like the Argentine authorities are forcing the issue

Date: 13 Feb 2001
Time: 00:26:45

Ed hasn't answered them and hasn't answered them, so they all come to the board tonight posting. Like you have a problem with that? They have a legitimate right to post here. You don't. Go back to your Sword of Jay board.

Re: My brief reply to Hugo Gabutti, Hector, Sam & Eduardo

From: Nina
Date: 13 Feb 2001
Time: 08:40:22

Ed. Feel free to respond on this board.I believe the family members reading this section will appreciate that. Love. Nina.