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     Welcome to the Directory,Bienvenue! of sites for ex-members of The Children of God,

Bienvenue sur l'annuaire des sites des ex-membres des Enfants de Dieu/La Famille d'Amour now known as The Family.* 

This page is created for ex-members, their friends, and families, to try and bring together in one page all [or as many as we can] the links to information by and about the Ex-COG community.Cette page a été créée pour les ex-membres, leurs amis et familles, pour essayer de rassembler en une seule page tous les sites ou l'information sur les Enfants de Dieu.
     Sites listed in this Directory are the responsibility of their individual owners and do not all reflect the opinion or beliefs of Directory coordinators. The Directory is for information and not intended to teach nor promote any particular viewpoint except to be a signpost to the Exer community.Les sites listés dans cet annuaire sont sous la responsabilité de leurs propriétaires et ne reflètent pas les opinions ou les croyances des coordinateurs de cet annuaire. L'annuaire est pour informer et non pas pour enseigner ou promouvoir un site en particulier ou un point de vue. Enjoy using it and let us know your comments and suggestions.  Faites-nous vos commentaires ou suggestions pour l'améliorer.

the Boards:

  the Place aka ExCOG and Friends

For the Young Crowd

Moving On

Ex-Enfants de Dieu: Le Forum

(Forum en Français)

Archives from the Place aka ExCog and Friends

New Day News



 by James Penn

"Speaking Truth" 

the Judgment of Lord Justice Ward

Articles from Survivors'site


Books on Line: 

The Children of God: The Inside Story  


Mo Letters

Other Resources for Ex Cult Members: 

  Cult Information and Family Support Inc. (CIFS)

Cult Awareness and Information Centre

Dr. Bob's Abuse Pages

Ex-Cult Resource Center

Acronyms Used in "The Family"


Sites by & for Ex-COGs

CounterCog (Sam Ajemian)


The Survivors, Les Survivants

The Magic Green Shirt

ExCOG / Ex-Family

HAMELIN (Spanish site by an ex-member)

Secretaría de Ayuda a Personas 
Afectadas  por Sectas Destructivas

Personal Sites of Exers & Friends


Sermon and Bible Studies (Paul)

Jan Groenveld


a testimony

Rick and Cheryl


John and Linda



The Famous "S2K Letter"

By Maria and Peter


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