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Please, believe me that it is not my intention to intrude in your life nor to bother you with this mail. If I may, I would only ask you whether you are in possession of fresh evidence in the sense that ex-members (Hart, Watchman, Abigail, Miriam, Benjamin Amor, etc.) have lied in their depositions before the Court during the 1993 Argentine case or you refer to Mark’s posting dated June 9th, 2000 ( where he partially transcribes the statements of only two of the three Judges at the Federal Court of Appeal, those of Judge Alberto Mansur and Judge Horacio E. Prack – whose judgments were favourable for the detainees and resulted in their provisional freedom (please note that I mention only “provisional freedom”, which is not the same as being acquitted) – but never mentioned that of Judge Daniel Mario Rudi, who voted in dissidence (i.e.: founded opinion of a Judge [based upon serious legal precedents] which runs contrary to the conclusions of the majority) and reconfirmed all actions taken by the Federal Courts of First Instance. Dr. Daniel Mario Rudi judged that the culprits should remain in prison as being guilty for all the criminal offences that they were accused of. As a result, all cases were returned to the corresponding Courts of origin for their prosecution and the continuation of investigations.-

 Contrary to what has been said about them, in the sense that they conform a “lunatic fringe, the faction of former members who, in places like Argentina made false criminal accusations against Family Members during the persecution” (James Penn’s “No Regrets, Why I Left the Family” ® Feb. 2000 – General Discussion, June 6th, 2000), please rest assured that the witnesses (ex-members) did not lie; if something, they only tried to minimize their statements in order to avoid self-incrimination or to cause any damage to third persons (members of the group) towards whom they felt, and maybe still feel, a deep personal affection.-

Their depositions, though more detailed and punctual, are very similar to published statements in the web, i.e.: FACTnet (parts 1 to 11) and, among others, those from Miriam, Marina, Auty and, strangely enough, the same James Penn cited above (Please, refer to “No Regrets ,…..”). The names of Mene, Zack, Ben and Maresha Spencer, Dalva Lynch and Kristina Jones can also be added to those mentioned. Have they – all of them – also lied?.-

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