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My life in The Family part II

From: JP
Date: 30 Apr 2001
Time: 20:10:19


My life growing up in The Family.

Part II

Continuing from part I, we were all back home and things were quite nice actually, we were with our parents again and the children that had gone on to Junior JeTT school before me (I didn't get to go when I turned 9 because I was still on silence restriction and a problem) were there as well which was nice. We lived there at the SC for a couple of months when we were called in again and told that we would be returning to school. I was also informed that I would not be going back to Belwether school, but would be going to Junior JeTT school which I was very excited about. I must say at this point that the Junior JeTT school was run very professionally and well. Our teachers would go out of their way to do things for us and looking back, although it was strict with silence restrictions and corporal punishment, it was nevertheless fair and we were treated well. The teachers there, Paul of Filipino Rachel, Stephen of Filipino Faith and Charity of James were all very nice. I hope that I'm not forgetting anyone. I really don't know what to say about the time that I spent at the Junior JeTT school other than it was a time that I remember when I was not treated as the problem child, and when I had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself. For example, we moved from Sukumvit Soi 14 to this new house that they had basically built from nothing. (later to be known as JeTT II) They rented an old mini supermarket which had no rooms inside and built everything which was inside the house and we really felt a part of the whole operation with helping out and getting everything set up. Well, as everything good must come to an end, we were told that we were to be sent home again, and I remember that all of us children really found this to be terrible news, but it was explained to us that we had finished our training as Junior JeTTs and were being sent home as good examples of our training which made us feel quite important and that we had to show people what we'd learned and how much we'd matured and changed. A few weeks later we were back at the SC, but this time I can't really say anything good about my time there, I can't recall whether the SC had become JeTT I by this time or not but that is very probable. When we arrived back to our dismay, David (from Belwether school) was to be our supervisor / teacher. David at this time was to say the least horrible. I remember that one time we wanted to surprise him so we told him to expect a surprise when he woke up. We woke up early and hid under his bed and were going to spring out and say "We love you" or something of the sort, but when we sprung out from under his bed he got very angry and spanked us very extensively for this. This made me and the other boy (David of HappyHeart / Tina) feel very betrayed and bad and I remember that I contemplated killing David (the tearcher) on many occasions. I remember how I used to think about pulling out a kitchen knife when we were doing the dishes and plunge it into his back. I remember thinking what would happen to me afterwards and whether I would get away with it because I was still underage legally or whether they would just cover the whole thing up, but thankfully things never got beyond the point of thinking. I was although still the problem child and would be until I left The Family, but things were only to get worse.

Thinking back I think that a big problem with me was that I found "Word Time" to be horribly boring and would never listen and would just sit through it all the time and pretend to be interested. It was also a requirement to get at least 2 hours of solid group word time because of the School Vision and all and we were made to write detailed OHR's explaining our feelings and what we had learned from the word read and this was always a problem for me because I never learned anything. I used to rack my brain trying to come up with some stuff which would make the shepherds think that I was learning a lot and all and I think I actually got quite good at it towards the end.

Anyway, time passed and I was 11 years old which meant that it was time for me to join the JeTT school. This was very frightening for me as the JeTT shepherds at the time were ones that everybody was scared of, especially one called "Steven Vessel" who was known throughout the JeTT realm to be extremely strict and to be feared, and fear him we did. I was told that I would be joining the JeTT group and did so. I remember that there was one boy there who had been on silence restriction for as long as I could remember and I was afraid of getting the same punishment as him, because I had never ceased to be a problem child and was extremely scared of being sent to a Victor programme.

When I had been in the JeTT group for about 2 weeks, I was called in for a talk with some of the JeTT shepherds and this is when my worst nightmare became reality.We had all heard terrible stories about the Victor Programmes and how JeTT school was like heaven compared to them so we had good reason to be scared of these programmes. I was then informed that I was to be sent, along with another girl to the Victor Programme at the Thai Training Centre in a weeks time.

I was very frightened at this time, and looking back, the fear of being sent to a Victor Programme was similar to the fear of ever being sent to prison today. Also all of the publications at this time revolved somehow around Victor Programmes and the DTR (Discipleship Training Revolution) which I'm sure that you all remember vividly and really painted the picture black. Also, some of my friends which I grew up with at the SC and before had been or were in the Victor Programme and I was so happy that I had "escaped" this horrible thing for so long, but sure enough I arrived at the Training Centre in Bangkok shortly afterwards and was put into the "New Models" Victor Programme.

This programme basically was like this. We were not allowed to communicate with anyone who was not in the programme as well, even though we were not on silence restriction, which was imposed on us frequently. We watched the videos from the Japan victor programmes constantly and they tried to model this programme after the Japan one in every way possible. We did the breakfast and dinner dishes and cleaning up every day for around 350 people and were not allowed any priviledges such as weekly movies or anything of the sort.

Basically, anything that normal JeTTs might have gotten away with, which wasn't much, we were not allowed to do. We were the "rotten apples" of the whole centre, and we really knew it. Corporal punishment was administered very frequently for the tiniest things, such as "communicating with your eyes or hands" or anything which they deemed not to be in line. I was very musical as a child but we were not allowed to play guitar as that was also a priviledge which we did not have. I do think that they had to find things to make our lives miserable and to make us really feel that we were in a Victor Programme, otherwise there would have been no difference between us and the JeTTS which wouldn't have been fair on them. They had to see us as something to be afraid of and that they had better toe the line otherwise they would be sent there as well. We also had to memorise I think 8 Bible verses a day otherwise we would not be allowed to eat, which was quite difficult for us, well at least for me because I had no interest in learning these verses and found it so horribly boring.

When I had been there for about 6 months I guess, I don't recall why this was, but we were to be sent home for a little while because of something. The year was 1992 so I don't know whether it was persecution or what it was but we were all sent home again, although the JeTT I group was quite different at this time. We all thought that they wouldn't bother with creating a special little Victor Programme for us at JeTT I as there were only 4 of us I think, but sure enough, as soon as we got there, we were informed that we were to be Victors there as well, and that Steven Vessel was to be our Victor shepherd. Thank God that we were not there for long as Steven was not used to being a Victor shepherd and really took things to the extreme.
He used to use all sorts of tactics on us to keep us scared of him. For example, we had to write these extra detailed OHR's which were quite difficult and it started to be tricky to not repeat the same things on them day after day. Steven Vessel was also extremely pro Silence Restriction which he meted out relentlessly for the smallest of things. Anyway, in regards to the OHR's, he had 3 different types of OHR's, .. if you were good then you only had to fill in the "normal" one, if you were on silence restriction then you had to fill out the "special" one, which was about 2 pages I think, but then if he was not satisfied with your OHR, then you got the long one. The long one was about 4 pages of small print and was impossible to fill out without lying extensively.
I remember how I used to sit over it for hours trying to figure out something to write which he would like that I hadn't written before. Also, one problem that Steven had was that he was very partial. He didn't treat everyone the same which made you feel even worse. I was then the worst one in the victor programme which made me feel absolutely terrible, but I was actually quite used to it by this time.

I think that we were only there at JeTT I for about a month or two when we were told that were were to be moving back to the Training Centre to continue our training. This was actually a relief believe it or not because the "New Models" programme was heaven compared to being in this specialised 4 man victor programme with a victor shepherd who tried to make everything as victorised as possible.

We moved back to the TC and continued in the Victor Programme. I remember that they performed an exorcism on me a few times to try to rid me of demons. I remember how I always found this to be so stupid, they used to anoint me with oil and cast the demons out and I would pretend that I really felt a difference afterwards. Everything revolved around trying to make the shepherds think that you were really getting the victory, even though you really never had any idea of what you were "getting the victory" over.

Although my memories of the victor programme are not good ones, I must say that we did feel that we had some goal to work towards, and that was getting out of the Victor Programme and into the normal JeTT group or graduating as they called it. Everything that we did was aimed towards getting out of the programme and that sort of gave us something to look forward to, or an incentive to be good and to try to get the victory and concentrate on our N.W.O's I must not forget to say that one of the Victor shephers there, Gabe (he has a Filipino wife, I honestly cannot remember her name, I think they live in Japan now, working with the video ministry, or did last I knew), did actually try to sincerely help us and I did always feel that he was more of my friend than an enemy. My memories of him will always be good ones, even though he had to be strict on us and punish us, I think that his motives were good ones and he retains my respect for that.

A few months later, we were then told that we would all be graduating from the victor programme, but that our training was not over. A big Training school was to be created with all of the JeTTs from the other homes (there were 3 JeTT homes at this time) coming and they were to merge the Junior Teen and JeTT groups together and have one big one.

End of part II

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