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Noviembre, 2000

Dear Ed:
Several months ago, at the time of James Penn’s posting at NDN, I wrote Sam Ajemian and other ex-members a letter which in part reads as follows:-

All of us, the members who presented our depositions in Argentina, adjusted ourselves to the strict truth and never produced malicious testimonies nor statements that could be the subject of misinterpretations; what is more, there were others that did not declare out of fear but have lived through the same experiences. Eduardo Lause (Benjamín Amor)

I have now received your letter and your publication at your web site.-

Before going any further, allow me to express my gladness for your happy and prolific life in the company of your family. I’m also happy and I’m studying law at the University, working at a lawyers’ buffet, carrying on with my life and enjoying every moment of it.-

De manera que, en respuesta a tu pregunta, sí, yo dije la verdad en mi deposición. Pero el tema que yo quiero señalar es que no tenía porque viajar a la Argentina para prestar mi declaración. La Familia no estaba de ninguna manera involucrada con militares que tratasen de deponer al gobierno ¿no es así? Lo que nosotros en WS hicimos en las Filipinas fue ilegal, pero no he escuchado sobre ninguna evidencia de que los miembros de la Familia en la Argentina hayan estado comprometidos en tal "ministerio militar" ¿Oyeron ustedes algo sobre ello?

In spite of some differences of criteria that I still maintain with Hugo Gabutti (because he sees the things as a policeman), I have always tried to be faithful to the truth and to struggle for my convictions. Since I left the Family, I do not concede the control of my acts and thoughts to any one. I do not understand how it was that Ricky could have told you that Gabutti threatened me because this never happened. I hope, sorry if I sound sarcastic, that you aren’t doing as Maria and Peter, that is: to put in Rick’s mouth after his death, words that he never pronounced.-

Hugo Gabutti have always been a very honest man who struggled to improve the children’s conditions and you must bear in mind that he carried out the intelligence and all the previous investigative work. He wasn’t in charge of things at the moment when the raids on the Homes were made as Judge Marquevich chose a different officer, police Inspector Rebollo to take charge of the proceedings.-

All that I declared about the Family as a witness was then, and still is, the truth. I wasn’t acting under any body’s pressure. My intention was to help all those that, being deceived by an ill and manipulating leader, were still in the sect and to improve the living conditions of those who opted to remain there, particularly the kids.-

When I contributed for the real facts to be known, I was also in pursue of my own peace of mind.-

I can have wide differences of opinion with Hugo and Dr. Hector Navarro, have had a lot of discussions with the latter (he was one of the experts called by the Judge for the cases at the Courts of Rosario, Mercedes and San Isidro) and me, as an ex-member have a lot of friends in the Family, people of whom I am very fond of and who has been sincere in their service to God, even if they were in the wrong place or had been deceived and, with regards to the ex-members, not all of them are counter-family or pursue the same interests so, to say the truth, I’m going to answer your letter in the most honest, simple and sincere way, the way I am.-

As far as I know, nobody lied in Argentina and this is something that I’m certain of. All of them seem to me to be honest and a lot of their testimonies coincided with everything that I have seen, experienced and read. What happened to Mene turned me totally against Mo because everything that she said about what they had done to her, was confirmed by the “The Last State” letter (BY NOW IT HAS BEEN EXPUNGED) and aunt Chrystal letters for the education of youngsters, where they tried to justify such treatments and never hid anything.-

Something I couldn’t actually confirm, and will never be able to, because the only one we could ask about it is now dead, is what Rick Dupuy said about Steven Colon. According to Rick, when they were staying at Takeyama, in Japan, Steven had deserted the Family and started to work on the drugs traffic. He (Rick) also said that Steve Colon, with whom he had a established a friendship because they had been working together, helped the Family with the production of the Chiquivideos. And later on we verified the Family’s opinion about the drugs dealers, as it is published in BN 141 where, referring to these traders Paul says: “The enemies of our enemies, are our friends”, addressing them as their friends and to the USA as their enemies.-

Besides Ed, you denied nothing, on the contrary, you confirmed everything. You know very well that all of us, including yourself, had spoken the truth as it is confirmed by you in the web page that you started: You know that the Judges, the legal experts, the policemen and the lawyers became more and more astonished as they advanced in their investigations, which had started with the search for the Frouman brothers. It was the mother who first abducted them from their father because he wasn’t with the Family. But then she was kicked out when she got ill with cancer because she was no longer of any use for the Family, but they didn’t allow her to go with her children, they didn’t even allow her to see her children before she died.-

The case started with her request and, after her death, her sister took her place in the struggle to recover the children and return them to their father who by then was living in the USA.-

As I live in Argentina, I can see the facts from a completely different point of view. Though in the past the military government was guilty of tortures and the abduction and disappearance of people in the process of an internal war between guerrilla fighters and the army and 30.000 people just vanished, the case against the Family took place 10 years after the military dictatorship, with a democratic government in office and all the guarantees of democracy.-

What is more, by the time when the case passed to the Federal Court, the raids have had already been scheduled for May and inexplicably, were postponed for September. I’m sure the leadership knew that something was being cooked because all foreigners whose documents were not in order, were rapidly moved out of the country, all irregular couples, those whose marriage papers were out of order, were forced to get properly and legally married and at the time of the raids, everything was in proper order. They also had wined an intelligence agent, “the black octopus”, who had been FFed. and informed them about all the moves to be taken.-

This became evident when mi and Dr. Navarro, a Judicial Expert, arrived to the Court at Mercedes, where the case was being under process, from Rosario. It happened out of working hours for the Court at Mercedes. Juan Carlos Cavazza and Clara Borowick, both of them leaders of the Family, were expecting us at the door of the Court House. Clara Borowick was in evident and close friendship with Angel Centeno, by then the Secretary of Foreign Affaires and Cults of the Argentine Government, as it became evident from the tapes that the police was able to make of one of their conversations over the telephone.-

You Ed, show your compassion for Kay Roberts (Charity), the mother of six who pretended to be worried about the fate of her six children. Well, you should know that this woman, together with her husband, Tito, were the shepherds in charge of the Capilla del Señor (Province of Buenos Aires) correctional camp for minors. It was a similar jail to that of Macao, where Mene was interned. I would like you to tell me how many of her children actually lived with her because you very well know that while in the Family, nobody id allowed to keep all their children with her/him, on the contrary, they are forced to split and are spread through the whole world so as to avoid the risk of loosing them all by their desertion in one group.-

As you have also been in Buenos Aires, I’m sure that you remember that the children at Pilar were allowed to roam in the gardens for only 45 minutes in a day, in limited groups and under strict surveillance. These kids were real prisoners of the Family, with no possibilities to opt for something else. We adults, had voluntarily opted to join the sect, but the children were forced to live in a jail regime, they had no other option, or get to know a different way of life.-

My mother works as a regent at some of the correctional institutes in Mendoza. From what she tells me, I know that the Garrigos Institute, where the Family kids were interned, is a model of order, cleanliness, good food and excellent care for the minors interned therein.-

The children that were kept there could say, if they had the opportunity to speak the truth, that they have never been ill treated by the Institute personnel. On the contrary, I’m sure that while they were interned there, their life conditions were much better than in that dictatorial jail that the Family had always been, where the kids are always abused and where not even the babies are saved as you very well know that Maria recommends that they should be punished since the age of only six months old, by the law of silence and their seclusion under the Victors Program.-

James Penn said that he felt no sympathy for “that lunatic fringe, the faction of former members who, in places such as Argentina, knowingly made false accusations against Family Members during the persecution ….” He says that as a directs result, many children and adults spent months in State Institutions and Prisons. He also says that, in his point of view, our conduct was reprehensible, literally criminal, and on a par with the atrocities that MO, MARIA AND PETER ARE GUILTY OF.-

He keeps on saying that “If these individuals had pulled such stunts in a country where the rule of law prevailed, they would likely have ended up in jail. The members of this lunatic fringe element need to follow Bithia’s good example and repent and ask for forgiveness from the individuals who suffered because of their criminal behavior. As far as I can see, that would be the Christian thing to do.-

I can tell all of you that for years I had to carry with the sequences of the psychological ill treatment that I suffered while in the Family, but thanks be given to God, I am now totally recovered, I’m studying Law, have a good job at a Lawyers Buffet and my thoughts are totally independent. I have met several members which had been annoyed with me before because I denounced the abuse of the Family, but today they greet me with affection; I could almost say that they are grateful. A woman, a mother, even told me that the worst judges are your own children (now grown up) and that were the principal victims of Berg’s teachings.-

I am totally convinced that if the cases of Argentina and the United Kingdom would not have happened, they would never have issued their declaration of rights and obligations (WHERE THE CHILDREN’S RIGHTS ARE NOT ACKNOWLEDGED) neither accept Mo’s guilt but at the same time and according with the same James, these appalling conditions have not changed. I am terribly sorry for those that suffered and if one pregnant sister had a miscarriage because a sonogram that was prescribed by a doctor was never carried out, she could sue the Nation for damages, I know this wouldn’t return her baby to life, but justice would have been done. From my web site I can offer her the opportunity to present her own account of what happened to her and what the children have lived through because those traumatic exams.-

I must also put it very clearly that, though Police Inspector Hugo Gabutti did all the previous intelligence work, he was never in charge of the raids because a new Judge took charge of the case and other Police Officer, Inspector Juan Carlos Rebollo, was appointed to do the job.-

Abigail gave a recount of how the leaders have conditioned her to lie about pretended abuse during the 1989 raids, which were ordered by Judge Piotti. That is why Judge Marquevich decided to appoint Inspector Rebollo to take charge of the raids as his federal position was on a different level of that of Inspector Gabutti.-

Nevertheless, the Family was able to gather the signatures of fifty lawyers from Human Rights Organizations who filed a request for a political sue against Judge Marquevich for his destitution with the allegation that his proceedings during the case had been irregular, but they didn’t succeed. I know very well that there were no irregularities, on the contrary, with the Argentine court case the Family received their first big blow with enormous consequences for their operations and was the first step of a deep crisis, of which they still couldn’t get out.-

Please visit

You have my promise that this site will publish both your version of the facts as well as our replay. I would be thankful to you if you do the same, both in English and Spanish.-

Eduardo Lause (Benjamin Amor)
Asunto: Contestó Ed Priebe
Fecha: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 09:28:29 -0300

Hola Eduardo,

Muchas gracias para tu respuesta. Me alegra de sentir que Hugo no era encargado de los "raids". Como dijo en mi carta, Hugo es un hombre muy agradable, y por esto soy feliz que el no tiene TODO el responsibilidad por lo que paso' despues do los "raids". Pero, alguien lo ha hecho, y todavia tengo preguntas.

Gracias tambien que me escribiste de cosa como la familia "Frauman". No me recuerdo bien de estas cosas, asi' voy a tener mas preguntas. Es un punto muy interasante.

Gracias tambien por como te siente a la gente en la Familia. Entre unos dias voy a "post"ar mi respuesta en inglés, y tambien voy a enviarte mi carta.

al luego,


Only TheTruth ha escrito:

Dear Eduardo,Thank you for taking the time to write a letter. I'm going to have it translated (by computer translator) into English so I can understand it well.

Is this a letter that I can also "post" on the Bulletin board in the U.S.? Please let me know. Will await your response. Again, thank you for writing. I will respond more when I read your letter in English.


Thank you for answer my letter. I autorized you to put my letter in the Bulletin board and can. I will gone publisher in my web your letter in english and spanish language if you autorized me.

Eduardo Lause (Benjamín Amor)

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