Learning a new language is never easy. However, you can always make learning fun as long as you are motivated and interested enough.
In my opinion the following factors are so important if you want to perfect your English, or any foreign language for that matter.

Motivation is the desire that you have inside you to achieve a goal. A good language learner is one who is motivated to learn. If you study English just to pass your school test, you cannot learn it well.

2.    PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE (Practice makes permanent, not perfect)
Practice makes perfect, they say. But if you have been practicing incorrectly, your mistakes will become permanent. Therefore it's very important for a language learner to be a good observer. Your practice of accent will be so much more effective if you first closely observe pronunciation, mouth and lip movements while making certain sounds and then practice, after having understood the difference between your own local accent and the english accent that you're trying to learn. You should practice your English as often as you can. “ There are some subjects that you can learn by reading a lot of books about them, getting a lot of knowledge and information about the subject and by learning various figures and facts. History and biology are two such subjects.  However there are other subjects for which just gaining a lot of knowledge isn’t enough. You must also practice to get good in those subjects.  Music is one such thing. You need to practice in order to become good at playing violin. Just having a lot of knowledge about the history of music, making of musical instruments, and famous composers is not good enough. You must practice hard before you can play violin well. Don’t you?
Learning to speak a new language is just like that. Knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary doesn’t necessarily mean you can speak English well. Right? You must practice your English besides the knowledge in order to be able to speak good English.

Believing in yourself is so important indeed, besides practicing. Don’t believe those who say it’s biologically impossible after a certain age to perfectly learn a new language.
It’s no good spending time practicing your English, but at the same time not really believing you can make it. You should practice hard and believe in yourself. There is no point in practicing if you believe deep inside your heart that perfecting English is an impossible goal to achieve.
Don’t say you don’t have the natural aptitude to learn English. If you have read this essay down to this point, you certainly have enough talent to start practicing and improving your English.

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