Sheltie Talk

Revised Edition
Betty Jo McKinney & Barbara Rieseberg


This chart, adapted by Phyllis Hoist from tables kept by Everlyn Davis (See Isle) and Jo Parker (Parcana) shows maximum height for puppies expected to mature under 16 inches. You may want to copy it and chart the growth rates of your own litters.

There is no chart available showing growth rate on small Shelties that can be expected to mature in size. With either over or undersize, a great deal depends upon the age at which the puppy stops growing. For some this is as early as six months, while others continue to grow up to eighteen months. The most reliable indication that growth will continue are big knuckles at the pastern joint.

Screened area shows Nobel growth chart for top and bottom sizes imposed over Sea Isle chart.

Note - Both Parker and Davis list
9 1/2 inches at 10 weeks

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