8.1 Electric Hole or Star Condenser

8.1  Electric Hole or Star Condenser


The time to die has come for misteries of nature,
There is no need for brave a thought to hide.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Simply incomprehensibly, that physics, astrophysics and geophysics have safely entered XXI century not at all noticing a gaping hole in a picture of there own star system and in the processes happening and described on our planet and caused by their physically meaningful electric charge and accordingly, – an electric field. The phenomenon of masking of this field by the atmosphere directly above a terrestrial surface, – being clear and easily explained for some physicists, has caused the whole scale of «physical» myths in concepts of others. What else could possibly explain the prosperity of the schools, standing apart and for so long a time depicting the origin of an electric field above a terrestrial surface as an accompanying one to the circulation of water, or – describing the origin of terrestrial magnetism on the basis of invented specially for this purpose (ad hoc) conditions in the iron-nickel nucleus of a planet fused or softened by pressure.

Let's consider the elementary pattern of the single star similar to our Sun, but not rotating and not having an electric charge. Let us assume its visible surface layer consists of a mixture of atoms of hydrogen, protons and the electrons, being in thermodynamic balance with a stream of electromagnetic radiation leaving a star. The presence of an impurity of heavier atoms and ions at this layer will not have an effect on the point. The intensity of the loss of atoms of hydrogen from the surface of a star to the outer space can be considered as negligibly small by virtue of the assumption of similarity of its parameters with solar ones.

The electric self-charging of this star is inevitable!  

The electroneutral single star will blow off (evaporate) electronic constituent from its surface and accumulate a positive charge, endeavouring to more stable, positively charged condition. Approaching the necessary size of an electric field of a star (there will be the leveling of intensities of evaporations of electronic and proton constituents of a surface layer), the star will stop to accumulate a charge. The process of self-charging of the star condenser formed by positively charged central star and negatively charged environment will be finished.

The determining reasons of the star self-charging are the increased capacity of electrons to tunneling and the big quantity of the mass ratio of proton and electron at rest. The stabilization of a charge of a star is possible after it has created the locking (displacing) electric field, leveling intensities of the loss of electrons and protons.

The declared mechanism injects into the standard pattern of interactions in star systems in addition to gravitation also an electric constituet. It is natural to use the well-known to physicists pattern of electroneutral «a pudding (fruitcake) with raisin». Only now the raisins will be positively charged stars floating in a framing cloud of electrons of the galactic sizes.A certain amount of chaotic movement of stars-raisins would not be useless for such a model. Not at all idle is the question on an origin of individual speeds of movement of stars. It would not be bad to detect unified, mutually conditioned process at which the fragmentation of protopudding on stars and a framing electronic cloud goes in parallel with obtaining by stars both individual speeds, and mechanical moments of rotation.

The declared mechanism will be well perceived by those, who study physics, because it will not demand the fundamentally new concepts and processes for its understanding. The star condenser appears to be an ineradicable and fundamentally missing link in an integral picture of the world. It is easy and harmoniously interweaved in the existing set of physical principles of mechanics, the kinetic theory of heat and electrodynamics.

The mechanism of star self-charging can be easily illustrated with the help of the elementary classical pattern in which the equality of electronic and proton temperatures in accordingly prepared mixture, modelling conditions on a star surface, is accepted. According to kinetic model of heat for such a mixture, the equality of average kinetic energies of thermal movement of electrons and protons is complied, that becomes the elementary equation:

meVe2 = Mpvp2, (1)

where: me – the mass of electron; Ve2 – an average square of thermal speed of electrons; Mp – the mass of a proton and vp2 – an average square of thermal speed of protons. Excess of the average quadratic thermal speeds of electrons more than in 40 times above the proton ones is well visible. The increased inclination of electrons to overcoming the securing gravitational field in comparison with the one of protons becomes clear. The process of the loss of a major part of electrons by a star is similar to the loss of atoms of hydrogen and helium by an atmosphere of the Earth.

The subsequent account of relativistic and quantum-mechanical corrections will not change fundamentally the size of excess of intensity of blowing electrons off above the proton one in the absence of an electric field, capable to counterbalance chances of protons and electrons to leave a star.

Demonstration of the electric field of the Sun by tails of comets.  

The well-known picture of a structure of luminous comets' tails is an evident demonstration of the electric field of the Sun in present period. Normal comets' tails stretching from a head of a comet to the opposite side from the Sun and carrying a positive charge, obtain the main mechanism of their formation by the electric field of the Sun. To light pressure the role of the assistant is given. In turn, – the abnormal tails directed towards the Sun, can be naturally explained only by influence of an electric field of the Sun on a negative electric charge of constituents of an abnormal tail of a comet. The well-known attempts to rescue the situation without attracting an electric field, – with the help of only light pressure, – look helpless.

Magnetic field of the rotating charged star.  

It is impossible to imagine more direct and natural scheme of an explanation (origin) of parallelism of mechanical and magnetic moments of a star, on the basis of the first principles. Only «initial» magnetic field created by a rotating electric field of positively charged star and «secondary» magnetic fields, induced by the «initial» magnetic field, – are capable to provide the necessary picture.

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