8 Supernew Holes of the Universe

8  Supernew Holes of the Universe


Human thought is polemical,
it is fed by negation.

Alexandre Koyré

Most of us, probably owing to ones' nature, are doomed to eternal search of various holes and spots no matter where, except, for the most part, our own eyes and mind, our own constructions and clothes… Look at people's inspiration at learning for the first time, that even the Sun has its spots. The Sun and other stars become so much closer and clearer, should they lack the perfection.

And this frame of mind goes naturally with the imperishable interest in all that is incomprehensible (obscure) and beyond. Think of the phenomenon of lively and stable interest, which both pupils and house-wives show to the black holes. And yet by all the logical criterions they lie behind the horizon, whether you talk of the special physical meaning of this concept or of the customary one – common to all mankind. It is like we are not able to feel all the entirety of our existence without the faith in all those holes, without something, that we do not understand, but have the necessity to believe in, something we would set all our hopes upon.

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8.1  Electric Hole or Star Condenser

8.2  Conic Hole in the Momentum of Electron

8.3  Topologic Hole in Solutions of Maxwell's Equations

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