The Un-Amusement Park
Part One

by Bratwoman_40

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Pairing: J/B, Sk/M

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: The characters of Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg are the sole property of Pet Fly Productions, and Fox Mulder and Walter Skinner are the sole property of Chris Carter. I am just letting them blow off some steam.

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Warnings: Contains spanking, scary scenes involving heights. Implied slash.

Also...harkening back to the good old days when any of your neighborhood's parents could discipline your children as well as their own...{wink}

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"On my way, Jim!"

"Coming, Sir!"

Walter and Jim, new neighbors, were taking their lovers and new best buddies to Six Flags of Ohio, and two more excited creatures were yet to be had. Walter had had a devil of a time driving with Blair's and then Fox's excited bouncing all during the 1-hour drive. It took Jim's threats to pull over and tan both their bottoms to get them to settle down. Blair pouted but soon quieted and settled against the seat back, watching the scenery fly by as he studied the back of Skinner's shiny head. Walter listened to the boys' conversation, noting that it was getting a bit heated and his palm began to itch.

"Hey, Fox, not fair! You ALWAYS get to sit on the good side!!"

"Don't call me Fox, ya moron! I like to be called `Mulder'! And it's MY car, I get to sit where I choose!"

SCREECH! "Ok, that does it!" Walter slammed on the brakes, pulled over to the side of the road, and got out of the car. He came around to Blair's door, opened it, reached in and grabbed the occupant around the waist, half-lifting and half-carrying him. He looked at Jim and noted that Fox was being handled in a similar manner. Dragging both miscreants to a conveniently placed picnic table, the men sat on either side, each pulling the other's lover across his lap. Walter took Blair's hand in his, asked

"Ok, young man, what is this spanking for?" a moment before his hard palm smacked down on the rounded, jeans-encased rump jutting up over his knee.

"Ouch! For-for fighting!" Another hard smack. "What else?"

"Oooh! I don't know!" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "Owww!! Stop!"

"Think, Blair...all the blood's in your head, so THINK!" WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"Oww, ow! Because...because you told me to do something and I didn't! Ouch, stop! You're not Jim! You can't spank me!!"

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK-WHACK! "I think that is a moot point, don't you? I AM spanking you! In my day, any neighbor who had children could discipline his own and his neighbor's kids!" Walter aimed the next five stingers directly at the base of Blair's bottom, making sure they would be felt and remembered on the remainder of the trip.

Jim, on the other side of the table, was having a devil of a time holding onto a squirming, biting Mulder. The latter had heard plenty of stories from Blair about the cop's hard hands, and had even seen evidence of one of Jim's spankings when the two had gone swimming one afternoon. He was having none of it!

Jim finally subdued the shorter man, positioning him over rock-hard thighs, and struggling to remove Fox's pants.

"No way, no fair!" yelled Fox, "Blair didn't have to get his on the bare! No!!!" Walter, hearing his brat fighting with Jim, leaned across the table and slapped Fox hard on his lover's squirming bottom.

"Young man, if you know what's good for you," Walter gritted out, "you'll stop struggling and take what you have coming. Or would you like TWO spankings?" Fox immediately stopped trying to escape, realizing it was pointless and that he definitely did NOT want Walter turning him over after Jim was done.

Jim took momentary advantage of Fox's quiet demeanor to lock his legs over the other man's and held both wrists at the small of Fox's back.

Raising his hand, Jim let the first of several spanks fall on the rounded rise of Fox's buttocks, his large palm covering both sides easily. While he spanked Fox, Jim scolded him, almost conversationally.

"Now, Fox..."WHACK! "I certainly hope.." WHACK! "That you and your buddy there remember the rules..." SMACK-SMACK! "While in the car. I want no yelling.." WHACK! "No fighting.." WHACK-WHACK-WHACK! "And no name-calling..." WHACK-WHACK! "Am I clear, Fox?" WHACK!

"Oww!!! Oh, Gawd, yesss! OUCH! Yes, you're clear! Please, stop! I'm sorry, we'll be good, please! Owww!"

Moments later, both adults stopped the spankings, allowing both brats to get up, rub their sore bottoms, vowing angelic behavior. Both were hugged, first by their own and then each other's lover. Walter opened the door for Fox, and as that somewhat subdued problem child gingerly climbed in, Walter whispered, "Behave, or else!" in his ear, following it with a warning spank to a very sore bottom, causing Fox to jump and cry out. Jim opened the other side door for Blair, helping him in with a firm whack on Blair's own sore tush.

In the backseat, two quiet but still-eager beavers sat gingerly on two sore backsides, while up front, two satisfied tops exchanged masculine smirks. There were no more outbursts. When the car turned into the parking lot for Six Flags, Blair and Fox began chattering like magpies.

"Oooh, look's the X-Flight! I wanna ride that first!"

"Wow, Blair! Lookee that!! Mr Hyde's Nasty Fall. That ride's for me!"

"No, I'M gonna ride the MIND ERASER, then the Batman, then the Superman, then the Serial Thriller, then..." Jim turned around and laughingly put a hand over his motormouthed lover's lips.

"Enough!" he said loudly. "Or else the first ride you're gonna take will be the LAPTOP!" Blair gave him a beautific smile then stuck out his tongue, making sensuous circles over the palm still covering his mouth.

Jim snatched his hand away like it was on fire, but he caressed Blair's lower lip absently and earned himself a loving look.

The moment that the car was parked, Blair opened and flew out of the door, and was on Jim faster than a speeding bullet.

"Come on Jim!" he demanded, "let's go, let's GO!" Walter and Jim looked at each other in a silent parental conspiracy and nodded. Jim crooked a finger at Blair and Walter at Fox. The two younger men recognized that gesture immediately and, quieting instantly, went to their respective SO. Walter took Fox by the elbow and pressed some bills into his hand.

"Don't spend it all in one place," he told his partner. "That's to last you until we meet for lunch and remember, Fox, don't fill up on junk food, okay? We're coming back out here and we're going to cook a good, nutritious lunch, right?" He waited for the inevitable reaction. To his shock, Fox did not utter a word of rebellion. He simply nodded, gave Walter a kiss of gratitude and love that lasted a little longer than either had anticipated, and elicited the expected reaction from both men; glancing down at themselves, they blushed and winked at one another.

On the other side of the car, Jim was having the usual argument with Blair, and Blair won. "Blair, the restaurants inside are perfectly all right. Granted, they're no Wonderburger, but they'll do in a pinch."

"Jim, I made a good lunch for us both, if you don't like what I made for the sandwiches, you're perfectly welcome to have a salad and some fruit. But the restaurant food is a heart attack waiting to happen, Big Guy, and I refuse to let that happen to you!" Jim looked around and, seeing no one approaching, picked Blair up around the waist and brought him close.

"Umm, YOU are telling ME that you refuse?? Did I hear that right? I thought I was the Boss Man in this relationship," Jim growled, mock-threateningly, and began to tickle Blair with his free hand. Blair burst into helpless giggles, squirming in his lover's arms.

"You are! Jim! JIM, stop! You are the Boss Man! Stop!! Ah, not the ribs, Jim! Man, you are being SO unfair!" To make Jim stop the tickling, Blair closed the space between them and laid a liplock on his lover. When they broke apart, gasping, Jim's voice was lightly teasing.

"All right, Chief. You make too good of an argument, not to mention a sandwich. I won't eat in the park."

The four walked to the gate, turned in their tickets and got their hands stamped in case re-entry was needed. They took the pamphlets, which showed the complete layout of the park, and sat on a nearby bench to map out a game plan. Blair and Fox, both impatient to ride, were sitting with barely controlled eagerness.

Finally, after an interminable few minutes while Jim and Walter conferred, they turned to their loves and smiled. Walter spoke for both.

"Ok,'s the skinny. You can ride any ride in this park...there is nothing you can ride in Hook's Lagoon or in Worlds of Adventure, because you need to be accompanied by a child. There is only one ride, and one ride only, that we absolutely forbid either of you to ride, and that is because it is simply too dangerous. It also costs extra to ride, and neither of you between you have enough money anyhow."

Blair and Fox looked at one another despairingly. Not the Sky Coaster? Don't LET them say the Sky Coaster!

"...the Sky Coaster. There have been reports of people falling, the cable breaking, of riders bumping into things. Blair, Fox, consider yourselves forbidden to ride that. Are we clear?" Jim and Walter wore their "He Who Is to be Obeyed" looks, and the younger men knew better than to say anything but "Yes, Sir" in reply.

End of part one

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