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Ellen Chan is the sex goddess from Hongkong. Ellen has the sexiest body you have ever seen. Ellen's firm tits and gorgeous breast is my favorite. I can stare at them all day.

Ellen Chan's breast is the most beautiful breast in the universe. I am really crazy about her breast. It's not the size that drives me crazy... It's the shape... The way her breast curved... aaahhh...sorry guys...my "stick" is getting hard just from writing these words.Let me take you back to...

"My First Encounter With Ellen Chan"

I first saw Ellen Chan in her movie The Eternal Evil of Asia. She looked so delicious. When I saw Ellen's shower scene...that was it... I just had to stopped and ehm...do 'something' urgent ;D.

But, Ellen had more in store for me. The scene where Ellen's juicy tits was sucked by an invisible witch doctor was unbelievable... you just gotta see it man... My **** was throbbing so hard, I thought it was going to explode. Oh Ellen, I wish I could **** you like that

Pheewww, what was that? Sorry guys, I just want to share with you why I adore Ellen Chan so much. I have some Ellen Chan nude pics here for you viewing pleasure. Thank you for visiting my Ellen Chan sexy pics and I hope you'll share my lust and adoration for this most sensuous female. Enjoy Ellen Chan's incomparable beauty here...

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