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Hello my name is Ellen my Birthday is Dec.12. I'm 55, a big woman with a big heart and a gentile soul I'm Native American (Ioway) I was born and raised in San Diego CA. There's no place like home. I'm now liveing in Stockton CA. I'm a very big woman 5'11" around 300lbs.give or take 10 or 20lbs (hahaha)  I love my pets 1 Toy Poodle name Scooter pie and my AZ Parrot name Lola and yes she gets what ever she wants or she will let you know about. I love the out doors camping ,fishing ,and cooking out side, and going to POWWOW when i can. I love all kinds of music,roc & roll, goldden olddes 60's-80's, & country,  The kind of movies love,  love Storys, Action,
and SiFi movies the kine you wonder if we are the only one here (hehehe)
I Love Cats to this is meggit
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Name: Ellen
Email: sweetsaay46@hotmail.com