My name is Ellen Teng and I just moved to the San Diego area. I hope to make Coronado my permanent home soon!
I am actively seeking a position in the Hotel Industry, specifically in Sales and Marketing. I have over 7 years of experience in Sales and Service--I find the greatest joy in delivering customer service that exceeds the client's expectations. I want to obtain a position commensurate with my skills, with opportunities for personal growth and development. I want to inspire others with enthusiasm and positive energy!

For more detailed information on my experience and skills, please see my resume.

2008 Event Trends

Eco-Friendly Events
Locally grown, grass-fed, free range.....from pesticide-free flowers to serving organic menus, having a green event is both an environmentally conscious and personal choice. Green consciousness is everywhere, and growing every day. Concerns about animal welfare, the environment, fair trade practices, and supporting local communities/businesses will increasingly steer chefs and caterers to 'COOK GREEN' in 2008.
● Reusable products, tablecloths [organic fibers a plus!], cloth napkins, silverware
● Biodegradeable plates/cups/utensils made of bamboo or sugarcane
● Recylcing stations
● Menu ingredients purchased from local vendors
● Soy based candles help with emissions
● Replantable floral centerpieces
● RSVP online vs. paper reply cards and envelopes

Vegetarian & Vegan Menus that meat-eaters love!
Who knew vegetarian/vegan food could be so tasty? The vegetarian options at the last two events I attended sounded more fabulous than any of the meat selections. I'm happy I rsvp'ed VEG, because the entrees were DELICIOUS! Portobello mushroom, brie, tamarind & date filo parcel with olive oil mash & sun dried tomato dressing.
Planning any event is exciting and labor-intensive, so when something "unusual" is thrown into the mix, it becomes that much more complicated and that much more difficult. It has become much more popular in recent years for wedding couples and event planners to veer from the norms and traditions of the past and to establish new traditions which reflect their own way of thinking and living....and so, vegetarian weddings and events have begun to crop up. Fortunately, vegetarian cuisine has come into its own and there is no reason to have to settle for pasta primavera or stir-fried vegetables.
I discovered some amazing Vegetarian Caterers online and some of their signature items:
● Figs, marinated in mint and 8 year aged balsamic, on dolcelatte crackers
● Vegetarian Vietnamese style rice paper rolls with holy basil and peanuts
● Fantastic salad of buffalo mozzarella, Italian peaches, mint and balsamic
● Grilled asparagus with wild rocket and truffle pecorino
● Zucchini ripieni (stuffed with gorgonzola, potatoes, pine nuts, capers and sage) finished with a tomato and basil sauce
● Lentil Loaf made with spiced lentils, onions, and bread crumbs and topped with gravy
● Vegetable Masala consisting of sautéed mixed vegetables in a yogurt sauce with garam masala spice

Last update: 2008.06.18