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Dalmatians,  Butterflies,  Birds,  Windchimes,  Flowers,  But most of all Grandchildren.

I love the summer, spring and fall. And Hate the Winter most of all.

I love the warm day, when I am out in the sun
And I stay inside when winter comes

I love to turn old junk into treasures for my gardens.                                                     In the garden my junk look great setting by my garden gate.

My dogs and I we take long walks, but only in the summer time.
For in the winter it's time to talk and wish for spring to hurry back.

For in the spring the winds  began to softly blow.
And make my windchimes ring out with sounds of joy

After spring comes the best of the year, bet you guessed it. Summer is here
The birds and butterflies know it's true,
you hear them sing. and fly in  skys of blue

I don't mind the fall, it's kind of pretty, till the strong winds blow and  the leaves are gone.
Then Oh dear it's winter, I hate winter!!!

While the grandchildren are around all year.
Even they like spring, summer and fall most of all.                                                       But Oh dear they don't hate winter .

And so they still go out to play,
even if there is a winter storm.
while I stay in where it is warm,
and make a wish for warmer weather. 
because I hate the cold cold winter.

Come on everyone,
everywhere make a wish.
Wish the winter to go away.

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