E. R. Silcoff

E-mail: elliott_r_s@yahoo.com


B.Sc. Hons. (1989-1993), Medicinal Chemistry, Bar Ilan University

M.Sc. (with excellence) (1993-1996), Organic Chemistry, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Ph.D. (1996-2000), Chemistry, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

Postdoctoral Fellow (2000), Dept. of Materials and Interfaces, Weizmann Institute of Science

Lecturer and Researcher (2000-2002), Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University

Industry(2002-present),Various Companies
Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design: Computational Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Organometallic Catalysis, Medicinal Polymers,
Printing Chemistry: Electrophotography, Charge director and Charge Adjuvant Development, Ink Development

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M.Sc. Research:  The intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction using chiral auxilliaries.
Using L-proline and other five membered rings as chiral auxilliaries/bridges, cycloaddition reactions were made to proceed with total enantio/diastereoselectivity.

Ph.D. Research:  Synthesis of polymers with isolated chromophores for specific and efficient electroluminescence.
By the use of polymers with isolated chromophores, the quantum efficiency and specificity of emmistion of light emitting polymers can be drastically imroved. Several families of polymers were prepared including subsections of know conjugating polymers and polymers with known color chemistry compounds incorporated into the backbones.

Postdoctoral Research (W.I.S.): The synthesis of organic/inorganic matrices. Energy transfer from organic molecules to inorganic nanoparticles
The synthesis of carboxylic acid terminated oligothiophenes allowed their incorporation into an ordered array with CdS and PbS nanoparticles generated.

Academic Research (Stanford): Asymmetric aldol reactions using a novel Zn containing catalyst. The catalyst was developed and synthesized and the reaction was optimized. Similar reactions (Henry, Mannich, etc.) were also carried out.

Industrial Projects:
1) Medicinal Chemistry: Research in pharmaceuticals, API's, drug discovery, chemoinformatics, medicinal polymers and materials and medicinal electrochmistry.
2) Ink Development and Printing: Research and development in electrophotography and digital printing. Charge director and charging system, ink and carrier system development and pigment design and dispersal.

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