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Hi I'm El. I have tried many times to keep an updated wedsite about various things and have not been succsesful. So I am going to try one more time. This time my website is only about things that interest me.  It has no particular theme. I am going to try and update every week but that's a wish. If you like friends, romance or roadbiking you'll probally like this site. There will be other stuff too.
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I have added a
favorite moments section to the Chandler and Monica Section and a rant section. I also got some really cool links up.
I have added a links section and a TV show couples section. I also added a songs section.
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               Rant Section
I have decided to add a little place where I can talk abour anything I want and write out my feelings. I kinda wanna be a journalist so I think this is good practice. Anyway here's my rant. (No I am not trying to copy Dennis Miller, that was kinda an accident.)

Yesterday I went to this really cool festinal/concert thingy. Train, O.A.R, Ziggy Marley and Cherly Crow were the main bands. They also had this really cool outside adventure thing where you could try Scuba diving and rock climbing and stuff like that.

I tried Scuba Diving and it was really cool. I had never done it and I had so much fun. THe bands were pretty good. Ziggy Marley was great. I had never heard of O.A.R but i loved them.

Train was not very good. I love Drops od Jupiter and Meet Virginia, but the rest of their songs were not that great but it might of been that the feedbackwas not that great. Plus the Lead singer was acting really stupid and not in a funny way.

I love Cherly Crow but again the Feedback was not that great so I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would.
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