The Artist:
I've been drawing since kindergarten. Now that I look back on it it was as if art class helped to relearn who I was, like a jog of memory for a person suffering from amnesia. I was always the best artist of every class from there on in. So of course I now pursue a career in the arts, but my education is yet complete. I do however have an associates in Multimedia Arts. Or abbreviated, I would have an ass in art, hehe.

The Vampire:
Yes, I do consider myself a vampire, I am a psychic vampire to be precise, which MEANS that I suffer from an energy imbalance, so if I do not get out to soak up the chi from the world or from other people I can get extremely fatigued. I don't fly, live forever, or grow fangs, I'm not trying to be extra gothic, so please don't bother me with that sort of foolishness. Don't comment on real vampirism until you've actually done your homework!

Meeting new people, going to Palazzo, fashion, models, gothic modeling, photography, glamour, classic beauty, graphic design, crafts, interior design, sculpting, drawing, body painting, writing, neat bugs, clubbing, art work, concept art, reading, pondering, conversation, charisma, velvet, silk, lace, lucid dreaming, old school goth, goth jokes, goth society/gothic community, Vampires, Vampyres, Sanguinarians, psi-vamps, vampire community, the occult, pizza, caffein, fruitty flavoured things, your lifes' blood, HALLOWEEN, my own hard earned money, horror movies, b-movies, cult classic movies, freedom, honesty, real people, making fun of social politics, free stuff, long & sharp fingernails, cool hair, Resident Evil & Castlevania video games, gallancy, spirituality, my coat fetish, physically artistic people, meditation, sexual humor, sexy fashionable metrosexual & androgynous goth men, elbow length vinyl gloves, fishnets, tight vinyl pants on a sexy man, fangs, full moons, toys in inappropriate poses, the serinity of night, night air, silver, beauty, the 80s, corsets, s&m, long finger nails, kissing with lots of tongue, fun, live shows, museums, fire performance, stupid human tricks, the old fashions: 18th century & Victorian, romance, dark desires, mischiviousness, movies, classic beauty, necks, eyes, hands, collar bone, the curve of a back, parinormal/supernatural, magik, androgeny, energy manipulation, the word "spiffy" and "spookular", the phrases "fluff my balls" and "spank my monkey", quotes, insight, mediums, Ninja Turtles, ampaths, metrosexuals, kittens, cats, reptiles, winged creatures, psychology, philosophy, mythology, gay porn, psychics, ambition, open minds, extroverts, the fabric of a person's soul, auras, youth, real people, love, passion, bliss, individuality, sexuality, mannerisms, charisma, poise, classyness, ethereal beauty, and beliefs based upon experiences not religion.
Height: 5ft 2in
Weight: 112
Sign: Sagittarius
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Faith: Spiritual but non-religious
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Goth Type: Romanti-Goth
Vampire Type: Psi-Vamp
Education: HS Diploma, Ass. in Media Arts