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Current Project-Paint Ral Partha, Black Raven Foundry, and Eureka elves.

Future Projects-Paint a human army from Black Raven Foundry and Ral Partha, hobgoblins and boars from Black Raven Foundry, Reaper wolves and spiders, and Chariot spiders.

About this Site

I made this site to help people wanting to buy 15mm fantasy figures but not knowing where to start or which manufacturers to buy from. I will include pictures of all 15mm figures I currently own to help you see which figures from which manufacturers go together in terms of size and look. Click on the Minis section above to view the pictures I have so far. I will also be doing projects for 15mm mini related games.

Anyone wishing to submit pics of 15mm fantasy figures, wanting more scans of figures, or just wanting to contact me about this site or 15mm fantasy figures in general can email me at: I prefer jpgs or gifs not too big since this geocities site only allows me to use 15MB of disk space. So far I'm using about 1.7 MB.


September 13, 2003-I got some new Eureka 18mm samples straight from the manufacturer. As far as I know they are not in production yet. I got scans of 3 elves and 1 orc in the orc and elf mini section. I got a comparison of all orcs that I currently own in the orc section.

September 6, 2003-Finally got my undead army done for now. All foot troops. Scanned a Black Raven foundry javelin thrower. Scanned a Reaper undead wolf. Scanned Blood Dawn undead 2-handed axeman, archer, and halberdier. These are all in the undead mini section. I was planning on doing a battle report on orc vs. undead since I am done with both armies, but unfortunately I couldn't find a good graphics program to display the battlefield. Without this, it wouldn't make much sense. Anyone got suggestions on a good graphics program?

August 28, 2003-Scanned a Reaper pegasus, Blood Dawn reaper and whip master, and Black Raven Foundry undead spearmen, and swordsmen. I have undead archers, javelin throwers, and wolves left to paint in my undead army. As soon as they are done, I'll see if I can post a battle report of undead vs. orcs.

August 18, 2003-Scanned pictures of Black Raven Foundry; a treeman and a troll, Demonworld goblin shamans, Ral Partha barbarians and two characters, and a Reaper pegasus. I also put a comparison of the Ral Partha barbarian with the Chariot barbarian.

August 8, 2003-Painted and scanned pictures of Blood Dawn orc heroes and a shaman, Chariot and Reaper bats, and scanned a Black Raven Foundry orc archer in the orc and monster sections.

July 29, 2003-Painted and scanned pictures of my 22 Blood Dawn orc macemen, and 22 orc scimitars in the orcs section. July was a great month for me. I managed to get 135 figures painted this month if you count cavalry as two figures. School starts back next month for me so I may be slow in getting more figures painted.

July 22, 2003-Noble Miniatures has aquired the formerly Perrin, formerly Reaper Shadow Corps 15mm range. They have expanded this range with dwarf magic-users. You can buy them at The Last Square or the regular figures at Thane's Games . Painted and scanned my 23 Blood Dawn black orc maulers in the orcs section.

July 15, 2003-Put up scans of Perrin boar and scorpion lancers in the orcs sections.

July 10, 2003-Put up a scan of unpainted Black Raven Foundry Illyrian melee troops. Put a comparison of the humans I own so far in the humans section with a ruler.

July 9, 2003-Painted 8 Chariot skaven with shortswords. I lined up the 5 poses with a ruler beside them in the skaven section.

July 8, 2003-Painted 30 Perrin orc archers. I put up a scan of one in the orc section. Put a comparison of the goblins I own so far in the goblin section.

July 2, 2003-Changed format of mini descriptions and added more information.

June 30, 2003-Added scans of unpainted Chariot 15mm fantasy figures. Scans of skaven, 2 types of skeletons, barbarian pack, elven thieves, giant spiders, goblins, and bat swarms.

June 28, 2003-Added a little bit to the Fantasy Story section.

June 23, 2003-I put images of the 52 Demonworld goblins I painted recently in the minis section.

June 22, 2003-No new images yet but soon I will have 52 Demonworld goblins painted for you and maybe scan some examples of the modular terrain I made for Warhammer Quest.

May 8, 2003-It's been a few weeks since I've done anything here. Fortunately the college spring semester is over and all of my final tests are done. I painted and scanned a Perrin wight scythe bearer.

April 16, 2003-I painted and scanned some Perrin skeleton warriors including their command group. I got rid of the unpainted skeleton pictures. I also scanned a modified skeleton warrior with an Old Glory peasant to show how they can be made to line up.

April 13, 2003-I rescanned some figures and included their command groups. I put a ruler that measures in millimeters next to them and drew straight lines through them to show what their exact measurements are. I redid the Links section and included lots of links.

April 8, 2003-I have a black orc from the Perrin line painted and scanned. Eric Myles aka Paintbeast has sent some really nice pictures of a Warmaster ogre, an Essex dwarf, and an Essex knight from the Fantasy Fighters pack. Far better paint job than I could ever do. Really nice figures! Well, gotta get back to painting so I can put more pictures up.

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