This is my first attempt at a real web page, so it's all VERY experimental. We have not had any snow of our own here in Rhode Island, but it is very cold tonight. So I am borrowing a picture Lora sent us of the first snowstorm this year in Toronto, and hoping she won't mind.

So, who am I, and what do I do? I'm Emily, a 29 year old woman living in Jamestown, Rhode Island. I love animals, and used to work at a kennel, where I'm thinking of returning soon. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing Scrabble. I do have an online FAQ; rather than retype it I can just give you a link, I suppose. You'll find it at Krycek111773's Home Page - which will, among other things, explain Krycek111773.

What do I do online? No doubt that is what you're more interested in (and it is way more interesting... believe me!). Well, I write fanfic ... mostly X-Files at this point. My fanfic can be found at The Nick Zone Files

You know, since I got my LiveJournal, I haven't used this page much. But if you want a picture of me, you can find one here - I have to warn you, though - it's huge. As for my LiveJournal, you'll find that here. Happy surfing!