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TRADE STATUS: CLOSED, unless from wish list

1/6/05 Heh, haven't traded much, but will update and reformat to a more detailed list as soon as I get a chance ^_^

5/21/04 Lists are mostly updated. Trade is always open for the summer =) Getting My MVP Valentine soon as well.

3/20/04 Updated Site. Lost my list to Noated, dunno what happened to it...hopefully we'll get everything back =( Anyhoo, at least I got this website I made a while ago ^_^ As for the anime list, here's what I had a while ago...hopefully I'll get a chance to update that soon. Dramas and movies are mostly updated too.

12/15/03 Yay! I finally have time to make my own anime webpage! Even tho it's not very fancy, I like it. =)
Miaka Yuuki in Fushigi Yuugi was my first Anime that began this whole addiction thing. Don't you just love Yuu Watase's Works?! Now that I have a bit more free time with winter break, Trade and Distro status is OPEN!!
I haven't traded since the summer, so I'm missing a lot of stuff. So make me an offer and I'll most likely accept it!


1. I trade with 700 MB no silver top cds, so I expect you to do the same.

2. Please package with at least paper sleeves in between to avoid scratching while shipping, usually I fold the paper into CD sleeves to fit 2 cds per piece of paper.

3. If you can't send on time, let me know!! I usually send media mail with deliver confirmation. Let me know if you decided to send in another way.

Trade may be either 1 cd : 1 cd OR 1 dvdr : 4 cds OR 1 dvdr : 1 dvdr
If there's nothing to trade, lemme kno and I'm sure we'll work something out ;) thanks.

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