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My name is Jimmy and i am from Omaha, NE. I am 18 years old, 6'tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. I have 2 tats and 3 piercings.
I like to play football and basket ball. I play X-box a lot too. I like to draw a lot and hope to make a lot of money doing it some day. I like the Huskers and Buccaneers(not just cuz they won the super bowl!). I like to have fun and hang out with the homies. I smoke but im trying to quit.
I have a girlfriend (Aubrie) that I have been with for a year. I love her and shes a hottie. My friends Nick, Eric, and I are always hangin out chillin at the crib. Erics a puss and never has had a girlfriend. Nicks a puss 2!!!
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