Since 1989 the Japanese Emiko Seal and the Australian Steve Seal are following their dream to cycle around the world. To experience the world with their 5 senses.To 'experience' the world at a human pace. To meet people and to get to know their life, and preferably even sharing an episode of life with them.
Over 17 years later with between them 256,000kms 174 punctures, 85 tyres worn to breaking point they have yet to complete full circle of the earth. Emi and Steve have cycled through arctic tundra, several types of deserts and steamy jungles. They've pushed through snow, floods, severe electrical storms (nearly being struck by lightening), across many mountain passes over 5000 metres in altitude and cycled close by live mine fields. Encounters include bears in Alaska, poisonous snakes in Mexico, guanacos (a type of llama) in Patagonia, herds of elephants in Botswana, giraffes and zebras in Kenya, scorpions in the Sahara desert and large vicious ants in the Amazon jungle cut through their tent and attacked them as they slept.
In the year 2000, while in Pakistan Emi was diagnosed with Cancer and given a 20% chance to survive. Both flew immediately back to Japan for Emi's hospilisation. 4 Years later to the day with Emi's miraculous recovery both Emi and Steve hit the road again to continue their dream. On this web site below, is a view of the journey so far.


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